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The Journey West – Faith Time


The phone calls didn’t alarm us in the beginning…  Our mortgage broker is very thorough, so it only seemed right that he’d want to make sure that all of his i’s were dotted and all of his t’s were crossed.  Our credit score is higher than it’s ever been, and we’ve qualified for mortgages with him in the past.  We assumed that we’d have nothing to worry about.  Yes, there was a mortgage crisis several years ago…yes, we understand that it’s harder to borrow money from banks.  With our great credit rating, Adrian’s longevity in his employment field, and our down payment, we figured we were set.  Even after receiving many calls from our mortgage broker, asking for extra information regarding this deposit in our checking account or that withdrawal from our savings account, we felt confident that everything would be just fine.  When he called last week, though, and asked for a letter from Adrian’s employer, explaining how it would work for us to live 200+ miles from his office, I started to worry.  Didn’t the underwriter understand that there is a housing crisis here, in northwestern North Dakota??  Didn’t she know that we have eleven children, currently living in a 3 bedroom house??  Perhaps she hadn’t seen how much higher our credit score was…maybe she didn’t see how good of a salesman Adrian is…perhaps she didn’t know how desperate I am?!!  

Last Friday, our mortgage broker told Adrian that he wasn’t sure if we’d get the financing for *our* house in Wyoming.  He said that the underwriter was concerned about the distance from the house to Adrian’s office (even after the lack-of-housing explanation), with the commission checks Adrian receives (as they aren’t guaranteed), and with the undated employment offer letter Adrian received (who even knew that there needed to be a date on an employment letter?).  He said that he still felt quite confident that the loan would go through, but he couldn’t know for sure.  All weekend, we wondered…  All weekend, I worried.  What would we do if we didn’t get financing?  Finally, on Sunday, I just couldn’t take it.  After church, I melted down.  I cried…a lot.  Not a cute, girly cry.  I cried an ugly, red-faced and body shuddering cry.  I asked Adrian, “What will we do?!”  He held me close and very calmly said, “Beck, if God wants to change our plans, don’t you think we should let Him?”  Well, yeah, but I didn’t want to be so reasonable.  I wanted to freak out.  Adrian continued to hug me.  He said, “If God has another plan, we will follow it.  We can look at more houses.”  I wanted to tell him that I am sick of looking at houses…that we’ve given up enough already…that I have trusted God enough…that I have spent the past year having faith.  Adrian wouldn’t relent.  “Beck, God has brought us this far.  He isn’t going to let us down.”  Why was he being so matter-of-fact?  Why wasn’t he crying?  Or yelling?  I continued to cry my ugly cry, with tears and boogers running down my face.  He pulled away, put his hands firmly on my shoulders, and looked me in the eyes.  “God has this.  We are going to be fine.”  What could I say to that??  I believed him.  I believe in Him.  I wiped my face and gave in.  Adrian was right.  Whatever happens, God has it.  It isn’t right for me to try to make God do what I want.  I need to live in His will…not in my own, stubborn will.  

Adrian got a call this morning – the mortgage has been approved.  It needs to go to USDA (with the 40 acres, we are going to get a USDA loan), which can take up to 10 business days, then the title company needs 3 business days to finish their paperwork.  We had planned to close on the house on Thursday, but that has been delayed.  We’d been hoping to move over Labor Day weekend – with Adrian having Monday off, paid, it would have been a good time to move.  Until we hear from our mortgage broker, that the loan has been approved through USDA, we can’t make final plans for our move.  We will continue to pack and to prepare, but we can’t move forward until we have a closing date.  God has a reason for the delay.  Maybe we’re supposed to be in church, here, one more Sunday.  Maybe He’s protecting us from something that would happen if we close on Thursday.  Whatever it is, I am going to have faith that He has the perfect time for our family to move.  I don’t have to understand it, I just have to believe in Him and His plan.

Faith is a funny thing, really…  It’s easy to have faith in some things – I have faith that God created the world, and that the wind is controlled by Him.  I have faith that Jesus was born to the virgin, Mary, and that He died and rose from the grave.  I have faith that my Grandmas are both in Heaven and that they have been made perfect.  Those are things that I just believe… I just know those things without a doubt.  Why am I having such a hard time having faith that God is preparing our home for us?  Why do I feel like I have to take control of it?  

It truly is easier to give up control and know that God has it all under control.  So…here I am, digging deep to find faith.  

Matthew 10:29-31 Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.  But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

This Journey West has really been a Journey of Faith for my family…and The Journey of Faith continues…forever.  
It is a Journey of Life….it is so much more than just a Journey West.  

Hebrews 11:1 
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


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The Journey West Continues

photo 1

This part of our journey has been very difficult to write… I have tried to write it many times, only to fall into a puddle of tears. It turns out that Williston, North Dakota isn’t our final stop on our Journey West. After trying to find housing, for over a year, Adrian and I have had to make some pretty tough decisions.

It’s very common for people to come and go from Williston. It is, after all, Boomtown. For our family, though, it has never been Boomtown. It has been home. We have attached ourselves to our dear friends, Troy and Bobbi, and their girls, as though they are our family. We have rooted ourselves into our church, Cornerstone FBC. We have learned which roads to take to get to our favorite places. We know where they keep the toilet paper and the Scotch tape at the local Walmart. We know where to get the best coffee in town. We know which parks are family friendly and we know where the riffraff hang out. Williston has become our town. When we realized that we wouldn’t be able to find a house here, our hearts felt broken. Our realtor couldn’t find an existing farm that we could buy, and our builder couldn’t build us a home within our budget. (Actually, our builder took our money and wouldn’t build us our home. That is another story for another time.)

When we felt that we’d exhausted all of our options in Williston, we made the super difficult decision to stretch out our search. Adrian called realtors in South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. He told them what we were looking for and asked them to let us know if they found anything. We got lots of emails showing houses and farms, but nothing looked like “home.” We decided that we couldn’t just keep waiting. September is coming up, and that is when our lease ends. We picked out a few of our favorite properties, in South Dakota and Wyoming, and spent a day looking at homes. We walked through seven houses. We liked some of the houses, but didn’t love any of them. On the drive to the last house, Adrian shared his disappointment. He told me that he’d prayed and had believed that we’d find our home, but that it wasn’t looking promising with only one more property to look at. After looking at two houses, we had stopped taking the littles out of the car to look. Their disappointment was almost more than we could bear.  As we rounded a curve, and looked in the distance, we saw a beautiful house against a black hill. Adrian’s eyes lit up and he whispered, “Oh, I hope that’s the house!” The realtor, driving in front of us, turned into the driveway. Adrian looked at me and said, “Beck! I know this is it.”

photo 2

We’d been disappointed so many times that I just shook my head, feeling sorry for Adrian that he felt so strongly that this house would somehow be different. After we parked the van, Adrian told the kids that they could get out and explore the yard. My heart sunk for them as they eagerly climbed out. Surely we’d be loading them back into the van with more of their hopes dashed. I looked at Adrian, desperate for him to understand how sad my momma heart felt. He just smiled at me with his sparkly smile.

Adrian and I walked up the stairs to the wrap-around porch. He peeked around the corners of the porch as I just stood, quietly, by the front door while the realtor unlocked the door. I am sure that I stole some of his joy as I stood there, feeling desperate to just get back in the van. When the realtor opened the door and walked in, she stepped aside…almost like she had planned to allow me to see the whole “front door view.” I looked up and it took my breath away. The floors, the stairs, the fireplace… It was beautiful! I stiffened my face and didn’t allow it to show the softening that my heart was feeling. Adrian walked in behind me and whispered, “Oh, Beck! Look at that staircase!” I saw it. We’ve always loved those kinds of staircases. We call them “wedding stairs” because they are the type of stairs that you can picture a bride walking down in her beautiful dress, to meet her daddy before he walks her down the aisle. I nodded, determined to keep myself from feeling anything. I’d fallen in love with too many houses… I was not going to do it, again. We slowly walked through the house. Adrian commented on everything: “Beck, I can just see us drinking coffee, out on the porch, on a lazy Saturday morning!” … “Beck, did you see the master closet?? I can totally see our clothes in there!” … “Beck, look at this stove! And these cupboards! You’ve always wanted cupboards like this!” … “Beck, look at the woodwork! Isn’t it beautiful??” … On and on, he went. After walking through the house, we walked outside. Adrian’s comments continued. “Beck! Look at this garden! I can just see you and the girls working out here!” … “Look at the kids running, Beck! They love this space!” … He was right. It WAS perfect and everything we’d wanted. It was also five hours from Williston. How would we make it work? What sacrifices would we have to make? (“We’ve already made so many,” I was quick to remind myself.) As we walked back into the house, Adrian turned to me and whispered, “Beck, I feel like we’re home.”

photo 3

The realtor sat quietly, in the living room, while we looked around. When we walked back into the house, Adrian was the first to speak. “If we were to decide to make an offer on the house…” he began. I felt a sparkle of hope begin to build. We sat and talked with the realtor for quite a while. Our littles walked in and out of the house, exploring. Soon we heard them choosing their bedrooms and what colors the bathrooms would be. Part of me wanted to join the kids in their excitement, but another part of me wanted to stop them from getting attached to the house.

Adrian and I finished talking with the realtor, and gathered the littles to leave. Adrain, again, whispered that he felt like we were home…that he didn’t want to leave. The littles were still talking, excitedly, about all of their plans – a treehouse, a fort, chickens and goats, a pink bedroom, movie nights in the basement… I allowed myself to share in their excitement a bit. It *would be* nice to have a real home, again…and this house, even though it wasn’t where we planned to live, would sure be great for raising our family.

In the back of the van, there was a lot of fun planning going on. The kids seemed to have forgotten all of the dashed hopes from before – the houses that we couldn’t buy, the houses that weren’t built. They had already wrapped their hopes in this house…five hours away, in Wyoming. Adrian and I talked, too. Everything that I shared was about fear. Everything that he shared was about faith. I wanted to be mad at him, to make him see it my way. Couldn’t he see how scary this was? Couldn’t he see that we would be leaving everything we knew, again, and starting over? How could he be so sure?!!

After two days of deep discussion, lots of tears, and tons of prayers, Adrian made an offer on the house. A week later, we were able to come to an agreement. It was a bittersweet moment. It is such a wonderful blessing to know that we will be moving into our own home, again, soon. It’s a beautiful place to settle, and it feels good to know that our bigger littles will have somewhere to come “home” to when they venture out on their own. It makes us very sad to know that we will soon be leaving our friends behind, and that we will have to take an actual trip to see them. (Five hours in a van, with eleven children, is a trip.)

We are all looking forward to making memories in our new home…and we can’t wait for our friends and family to come out to visit.

To quote Phoebie, as she tried to grasp the sweet, and not the bitter: “It just looks like our ‘Journey to the West’ is continuing.”

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The Journey West ~ One Year Later

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year …and… It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year.  When we set out on this adventure, our hearts were so filled with excitement!  We had huge dreams…a farm, some cute farm critters, land for the kids to play, room to grow.  It became clear, however, as winter approached, that we would be lucky to find a place (any place) before the snow hit.  As the months ticked by, the camper grew smaller and smaller.  Adrian was busy trying to get customers, so he wasn’t home much.  I was home (in the camper) all the time, constantly thinking about the lack of housing.  My belly was growing, as Baby Esthyr was getting bigger, and my maternity clothes were all packed in a trailer, stored between North Dakota and Minnesota.  I longed for my things in the trailer – our furniture, our kids’ toys, our pretty decorations, our clothes…  Finally, it just got to be too much.  My grandpa was sick, back in Minnesota, and my life in North Dakota felt completely out of control.  I loaded the kids into the van, said good-bye to Adrian and my new friends, and drove back to Minnesota.  I spent a week, crying and praying for direction…spending as much time with Grandpa as I could.  At the end of the week, when Grandpa was feeling better, I knew that I had to go back to North Dakota and accept whatever was there.  

Adrian found us a little, 3 bedroom house to rent for $3500 per month.  (I know!!  $3500 per month?!  Welcome to the most expensive city in America!)  Adrian and our dear friends got the house ready and, a few days after I got back to North Dakota, with the help of our church family, we moved in.  Though the house was tiny, it felt huge after spending four months in the camper.  We couldn’t unpack all of our boxes, but it felt great to have many of our things in our rental house. (And my clothes fit a lot more comfortably, once I unpacked my maternity clothes!)  We secured 10 acres, and made plans to start building our home in the spring.

The winter was long, but we were thankful to be together in our little rental house.  

As winter turned to spring, the deal we had made to secure the land fell apart.  Sadly, the land owner died and our contract became void.  Remembering how quickly spring becomes winter, as if in the blink of an eye, we started a new search for a home.  With the housing crisis in North Dakota, finding a home has proven, again, to be nearly impossible.  We have had a wonderful Realtor helping us with our search.  She has become a family friend, and has taken our situation to heart.  Even with her passion for finding us a home, the financing has not yet caught up with the growing prices here.  Even though we qualify, financially, for the homes, our mortgage broker isn’t able to finance the homes because of FHA and HUD limits.  

We have been offered another land deal, and have been working with a builder to get a home built.  The builder has also been very passionate about helping us get into a home.  Even with building a new home, however, we are looking at the same financing issues.  The builder is trying to get the cost down to a “financeable amount,” but the numbers are not looking good.  

We do have much to be thankful for…  Adrian’s job is going well.  He is quickly making contacts and his sales are way up!  We have joined a great church, a homeschool group, and we’ve made many wonderful friends.  The Littles have found their places in Williston – Ike has a job that he loves, Abbie and Phoebie have regular baby-sitting jobs, all of the kids are involved in church activities, and they each have their own circle of friends.  

Our lease ends on September 18th, and we need to be in a house before then.  I just have to remember… God’s got this…

I left out many details of the past year, because I could write an entire book about our journey, so please do not feel slighted if I didn’t mention you…
So many people have blessed us!
I love you all!



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The Ebling Family Journey


The Ebling family has begun a new journey.  Just four short weeks ago we moved to South Minneapolis into my grandparents’ home.  My great-great-grandfather built the house and it has been in the family ever since.  What a wonderful blessing to able to raise my children in this house, so filled with memories of love and laughter.

One week after arriving in Minneapolis the 4 oldest Little Eblings were enrolled in Concordia Creative Learning Center in St. Paul.  After being homeschooled for three years, it has been a big transition.  Not only have the kids learned to adjust to a new schedule – waking up at 6AM, they have also learned to work side by side with their peers.

Christmas break is upon us.  The kids are excited about their 2 weeks of vacation.  With the snow piling in our yard, it is easy to believe that Christmas is in 5 days.  Our Christmas tree is sitting in the corner of our living room, nearly naked and with a partially lit strand of lights.  With all of the excitement we’ve had over the past five weeks, it is amazing that the tree even made it to the living room.  We have tons of boxes in every empty space, as we try to cram our 3000 square foot house into this 1000 square foot house.  (Where ARE the Christmas ornaments, anyway?)  I tend to wonder if the tree will be decorated in time for Christmas, or if the gifts will just have to sit under our Charlie Brown tree this year.  Our true decorating may have to wait for 2009.

The Little Eblings received another wonderful surprise just this week.


Little Ebling # 8 is due on August 6th.  The news of his or her pending arrival has been very exciting.  The kids have been telling everyone, friends and strangers alike.  It will be a while before the evidence is seen in my waistline, but the anticipation is already overwhelming.

I look forward to sharing out journey with you.  I know that the road may not always be easy, and there will probably be some bumps along the way, but I know that it will all be worth it.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Until next time….

Blessings, Beckie


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