My Momma and Me (by Abbigayle)

My Abbigayle wrote me a beautiful poem for my birthday. Here it is:

My Momma and Me

When I was born, with my crossed toes and big blue eyes. I know it was my momma and me.
2 years old and I giggle and run. I play with blocks and toys and stuffed animals too. We build a pretend kingdom and become princesses, my momma and me.

4 years old, and I’m starting to learn. I sing the alphabet and count numbers too. I tell daddy what I learned and he says, “That’s my girl!” Momma knows an awful lot, so I follow her around and copy her too. Doing school, my momma and me.

6 years old and I’m playing pretend. I have my dolls, and their big stroller too. I’m a little momma, now I’ll tell you what to do. But playing is no fun by yourself…. So we play together, just my momma and me.

8 years old, and I’m feeling big. I have chores to do, and big girl school too. As I do dishes, I’m gonna need some help. So it no longer is a chore because it is fun doing things as my momma and me.

10 years old, and boy have I grown. I can cook and bake, almost anything I bet I could make! I start to pull out flour and sugar, but I realize someone is missing… So we bake together, my momma and me.

12 years old, and I’m doing just fine. I spend time with friends and have a good time. But it is more fun to be at home, because then we can craft… My momma and me.

14 years old, and the naughty girls got in my head. Now I cry in my room when I should be in bed. But there is someone who wipes my tears and says that it’s okay, this person comes in and saves the day. Long nights in my room, my momma and me.

16 years old, I’m trying to figure life out. But let me say it is quite stressful trying to find my way in this world, and I often need someone who has been there. So sitting on her bed talking, my momma and me.

Someday I will be 18 years old, and I will have learned a lot. I’ll be ready for the world, or at least I will try… But there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll never be too big for some quality time, with just my momma and me.
When the time is right it’ll be my wedding day. Flowers and dresses and bows in our hair. I know who will be my Maid of Honor, the one right next to me. It’ll be the one who was always there no matter what, the one that made me realize when I was being a butt. The one who made everything okay. If you still have no clue, we’ll be up there together… My momma and me.



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2 responses to “My Momma and Me (by Abbigayle)

  1. Diane Jones

    How incredibly touching and sweet. It reminds me of when Beckie was 5… and 10…and it was just “Beckie and me.” And when she was 19…and 40…and times in between. I love you both so much! Love, Mom/Grandma

  2. Debbie Hamke

    So beautiful Abbie. I know your mom is so proud of you!! Love you Aunt Debbie.

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