The Journey West ~ One Year Later

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year …and… It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year.  When we set out on this adventure, our hearts were so filled with excitement!  We had huge dreams…a farm, some cute farm critters, land for the kids to play, room to grow.  It became clear, however, as winter approached, that we would be lucky to find a place (any place) before the snow hit.  As the months ticked by, the camper grew smaller and smaller.  Adrian was busy trying to get customers, so he wasn’t home much.  I was home (in the camper) all the time, constantly thinking about the lack of housing.  My belly was growing, as Baby Esthyr was getting bigger, and my maternity clothes were all packed in a trailer, stored between North Dakota and Minnesota.  I longed for my things in the trailer – our furniture, our kids’ toys, our pretty decorations, our clothes…  Finally, it just got to be too much.  My grandpa was sick, back in Minnesota, and my life in North Dakota felt completely out of control.  I loaded the kids into the van, said good-bye to Adrian and my new friends, and drove back to Minnesota.  I spent a week, crying and praying for direction…spending as much time with Grandpa as I could.  At the end of the week, when Grandpa was feeling better, I knew that I had to go back to North Dakota and accept whatever was there.  

Adrian found us a little, 3 bedroom house to rent for $3500 per month.  (I know!!  $3500 per month?!  Welcome to the most expensive city in America!)  Adrian and our dear friends got the house ready and, a few days after I got back to North Dakota, with the help of our church family, we moved in.  Though the house was tiny, it felt huge after spending four months in the camper.  We couldn’t unpack all of our boxes, but it felt great to have many of our things in our rental house. (And my clothes fit a lot more comfortably, once I unpacked my maternity clothes!)  We secured 10 acres, and made plans to start building our home in the spring.

The winter was long, but we were thankful to be together in our little rental house.  

As winter turned to spring, the deal we had made to secure the land fell apart.  Sadly, the land owner died and our contract became void.  Remembering how quickly spring becomes winter, as if in the blink of an eye, we started a new search for a home.  With the housing crisis in North Dakota, finding a home has proven, again, to be nearly impossible.  We have had a wonderful Realtor helping us with our search.  She has become a family friend, and has taken our situation to heart.  Even with her passion for finding us a home, the financing has not yet caught up with the growing prices here.  Even though we qualify, financially, for the homes, our mortgage broker isn’t able to finance the homes because of FHA and HUD limits.  

We have been offered another land deal, and have been working with a builder to get a home built.  The builder has also been very passionate about helping us get into a home.  Even with building a new home, however, we are looking at the same financing issues.  The builder is trying to get the cost down to a “financeable amount,” but the numbers are not looking good.  

We do have much to be thankful for…  Adrian’s job is going well.  He is quickly making contacts and his sales are way up!  We have joined a great church, a homeschool group, and we’ve made many wonderful friends.  The Littles have found their places in Williston – Ike has a job that he loves, Abbie and Phoebie have regular baby-sitting jobs, all of the kids are involved in church activities, and they each have their own circle of friends.  

Our lease ends on September 18th, and we need to be in a house before then.  I just have to remember… God’s got this…

I left out many details of the past year, because I could write an entire book about our journey, so please do not feel slighted if I didn’t mention you…
So many people have blessed us!
I love you all!




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