Squealing Toddler


We decided to take a quick trip to the Salvation Army with our Littles.  Abbie needed a new dress for a party and everyone LOVES looking at the different toys and clothes that the Salvation Army has for sale.  As Adrian and Abbie looked at the dresses, the Littles looked at toys.  Maggie was super excited about the assortment of toys, and was squealing with joy.  I sat nearby, as the Littles looked at toys, flipping through children’s books.  

Abbie found her dress after a short time, so we got in line to check out.  I allowed the Littles to continue to look at the toys as we waited in line, within view of the toys.  The Littles giggled and talked, quietly, among themselves.  Maggie continued to squeal in delight. 

When it was finally our turn to check out, I placed our things on the counter.  (I was purchasing a few extra treasures that I had found, in addition to Abbie’s dress.)  The lady at the check out counter looked at me, disgusted, and said, “I wish that little girl would shut up!”  (She was talking about Maggie.)

Shocked, I said, “Well, that makes me sad.  She is my daughter, and she’s squealing because she’s excited to see all of the cool toys in this store!”

“I have this head cold,” the check out lady quickly explained.

“Maybe you should’ve stayed home!”  I suggested, firmly, but quietly.

“She’s a cute girl,” the check out lady explained.  “It’s just that I have this awful headache!”

Had it not been for Abbie’s dress, and the disappointment she would have felt if we didn’t buy it, I would have just left my things on the checkout counter and left the store.  

I decided that I would call the manager and let him know how his check out lady had treated me.  I looked at the woman’s name tag. In addition to her name, was her position with the store.  ‘Store manager.’  Ugh!!

Adrian, after hearing the lady’s crabby comment, walked the Littles to the car while I finished checking out.  The check out lady continued to tell me why my daughter was “killing her head.”  When she finished ringing up my purchases, I thanked her and told her that I hoped she’d be feeling better soon.  

Seriously…  If you work in customer service, perhaps you should like people.  That store manager clearly had a disdain for children…and customers, sometimes, have children.

I will not be frequenting the Salvation Army…  I will spend my money at places that appreciate my business and enjoy my (typically, well behaved) Littles. 


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  1. Cindy Vavra

    Some people are just plain STUPID! And you can’t fix stupid! And yes, S T U P I D, is a 6 letter naughty word! But she deserves a few naughty words!

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