Merry Christmas from the Ebling Family!!

Merry Christmas from the Ebling Family!

As we look back, over 2013, we are amazed by all that Christ has given us.  We have been blessed beyond measure.  
We left Minnesota with high hopes and sad hearts – leaving our family and friends behind was almost more than we thought we could bear.  
We arrived in North Dakota, believing that God had gone before us.  Though the journey was long, and the trials were many, The Lord was always faithful…from providing financial miracles when we weren’t sure if we’d be able to continue our adventure, to blessing us with friends who became our family.  We never went without…every day we had love, we had protection, and we had a place to call home (even when our home was a 40 foot camper).
For all of our family and friends who supported us, we thank you and we love you.

Below you will find our very first Ebling Family Newsletter, written by the Little Eblings.  Instead of a traditional Christmas letter, Adrian and I decided to let our Littles share our year as they remember it. 

Selling Our Home ~ Phoebie Ebling

It took a year to sell our house in New Prague, and I have to tell you I’m a little glad about that!  I had plenty of time to see friends!  But I hated the cleaning for showings.

Leaving Minnesota ~ Phoebie Ebling

I hated leaving Minnesota.  I cried and cried, and I was worried that I would not make good friends…but under all of my sadness, I was kind of excited, too!

The Longest Camping Trip ~ Chloie Ebling

We had a lot of fun camping!  We went camping from May 18th until September 18th.  We made new friends, went swimming with friends, played Hide & Go Seek with Mom and Dad, visited museums, ate at restaurants, went for family bike rides.  We put on a play at the theater, at Lewis & Clark Campground, and invited the other campers. 

The storms, when we were camping, were a little bit scary.  Especially when Mom and Dad were away.  I helped take care of Maggie during the night.  Sometimes she would sleep with me on the couch.

The First Visit ~ Chloie Ebling

Auntie Jan and Uncle (Doctor) Phil visited us in North Dakota, while we were still living in the camper.  They stayed in a cabin at Lewis and Clark Campground, where we were camping.  We went to the beach and a museum.  We had s’mores, too.  Me and Phoebie visited Auntie Jan and Doctor Phil at their cabin for a few hours.  It was exciting to spend time with our family from Minnesota.

Backyard Camping ~ Phoebie Ebling

We spent a while in our new friends’, the Wicorek’s, backyard.  We would ride bikes together and played outdoor games.  A while went by and winter was coming.  My family was not staying in a camper!  No way!!  The Wicorek’s were going to bless us, and let us sleep in their basement, but we got a rental house.  I am in our house today!  I still see the Wicorek’s for play dates.

Two Trips to Minnesota ~ Phoebie Ebling

The first trip back home, I did not go.  My mom, Chloie, Eliyjah, and Magdalynn went.  The second trip, our whole family went…but not my dad.  I missed him soooo much!  But, at least, we saw family!

Small Rental (House), Big Change ~ Gabryel Ebling

When we moved to North Dakota, we didn’t expect that there were no houses to buy or rent.  In mid-September, after many LONG months in the tiny camper, we were blessed to find a new house…well, a rental house.  It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  (My parents have one of the bathrooms, so the kids all have to share one bathroom.  You can imagine the line!!!)  The girls share one bedroom, Ben and Eliyjah share the other.  Ike, Kai, Ayden and I had no choice but to make our bedrooms in the unfinished basement.  (Decorating has been a challenge.)  We are putting in carpet now, and hope to hang some curtain room dividers and posters soon.  The house feels like a mansion compared to our camper!  It may not be the biggest house, but home is where you set your front door rug.  For now, we’re home.

My First Job ~ Iszak Ebling

I got my first job after living in North Dakota for about a week.  I work for the Wicorek’s Father/Grandpa, Mr. Zahn.  For my job, I do any job Mr. Zahn needs done at the time.  I’ve cleaned the work shed, re-installed work lights, organized all of his tools, weeded his gardens, mowed the lawn, harvested gardens, built rock walls around his buildings, washed semi-trucks…  I lost my fear of heights, cleaning those semi-trucks!  I am very thankful that Mr. Zahn gave me a job and I will continue to give him my best effort.

The Big Permit Test ~ Iszak Ebling

I like baseball, and the three strike concept.  When you take the permit test, it is like a baseball game – three strikes and you’re out!  (You have to get, at least, 20 out of 25 questions correct to pass.)  My first try, I was really stressed and nervous.  On test one, I got strike one – the testing computer shut down after question 22 and said, in big red letters, “You’ve failed!”  After taking a lot of practice tests on the computer, I went back to the ND Department of Transportation for  my second attempt.  I was sweating out of nervousness because I had already gotten one strike.  Test two became strike two.  The computer shut down after only 20 questions and said, in big letters (again), “You’ve failed!”  I knew the answers, but my brain blanked out of nervousness.  On November 13th, I went in for my third (and final) attempt.  If I got another strike, it would be six months before I could attempt again.  But, like I do in a baseball game…when I have the pressure of two strikes….I performed my best!  After 22 questions, the computer said, “You’ve passed!”  I walked to the lobby, where my mom was waiting, and told her I failed.  The excitement was too much to hold in, so I quickly told her that I passed.  After I got my permit, Mom and I celebrated with a frozen coffee.  I have now driven a few times and look forward to getting my license in May.

New Church Family ~ Abbigayle Ebling

When we moved here, we started to attend Cornerstone First Baptist Church.  We went to VBS, where Iszak, Gabryel and I were helpers.  We also joined Awana.  The littler kids go to class, and the bigger 3 kids are helpers.  I get to help my mom in the Puggles class!  We’ve grown into the church so much that we decided to become members.  Becoming members was a BIG decision.  I am glad we are, though.  We made TONS of friends, and our relationships are growing stronger everyday.  Everyone is so accepting.  I really like our new church.

The Youth Concert Journey ~ Gabryel Ebling

In December, Abbigayle, Iszak and I went on a youth church trip to a concert called, “Acquire the Fire,” in Billings, Montana.  Around 30 people from our church went, including our youth pastor.  It was a three day trip, but the concert lasted only two.  On the third day we went to church and to the mall. 

At Acquire the Fire, we saw ‘EverFound,’ Rapture Ruckus,’ and ‘Group 1 Crew.’  The concerts were LIVE!  We took time to praise God and understand more about Him.  We will never forget the concert that changed us forever! 

Lots of Kids ~ Abbigayle Ebling

Phoebie and I baby-sit for MOPS and a women’s Bible study.  The kids we baby-sit for are really cute!  We were excited to get the job because Phoebie and I LOVE little kids.  As we baby-sit the kids more, the more we get attached to them.  The kids are like little balls of love!

Newest Little ~ Malakai Ebling

My mom has a baby in her tummy and will have it in the new year.  I can’t wait to see my baby sister or brother, so I can hold it.  If it is a fat baby, I will love it!  And I love it always.

As for the kids who can’t write their own articles… Ayden, Benjamyn, Eliyjah, & Magdalynn are growing so fast!  They are busy discovering the world and making their imprint on the hearts of those they love.

Philippians 4:6-7 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.



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2 responses to “Merry Christmas from the Ebling Family!!

  1. Aunt Jan

    Beautiful job on the Christmas letter Eblings! Merry Christmas to a very special family! We miss you all and send hugs, kisses and prayers your way! Love, Uncle (Doctor) Phil and Aunt Jan 🙂

  2. We are so glad to hear about the family, Becky. Missing you terribly but so grateful for the HUGE impression that your family has made on my itty- bitty family! Meghan and Kyle say hi to their best buds and pray that they will see them soon. Many Blessings to you and yours and a very Merry Christmas to all of you.

    Love, The Sheets’

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