Journey to the West ~ Day 93

I’ve been waiting to update my blog, hoping I’d get some super great news about a house…  Sadly, that hasn’t happened.  We’ve been running around in circles.  We’ve met every shady contractor in Williston, I think.  

I made an unexpected trip to Minnesota on August 5th.  Grandpa Maday was struggling with dizziness and falling, and I just couldn’t stay away.  Lollie, Eliyjah, Magdalynn, and I made the long drive down.  After spending the night in Fargo, we made it to my mom and dad’s on the afternoon of the 6th.  I took a quick shower, unloaded the truck, then we visited Grandpa at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.  He was looking pretty rough.  We stayed at the hospital for a few hours, then went back to my mom and dad’s.  We saw Auntie Janice and Uncle Phil on our way out of the hospital, and visited for a few brief minutes.  We saw Auntie Karen and Uncle Gary in the parking ramp, but only had time for a quick wave.  Back at my mom and dad’s, the Littles thought that it was great, spreading out to play with toys!  


During our short time in Minnesota, the Littles and I enjoyed visits with some loved ones – Auntie Karen and Uncle Gary had us over for dinner, with Cousin Cory and his wee Littles; Ember and Natalie stopped by my parents’ house for a quick hug; Cousin Nikki and the wee Littles met us at the park for a quick play date; Amy met us at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard treat; we had a sleepover at Jennie’s…  



Most of our time was spent with Grandpa, loving on him and listening to his stories.  I never tire of hearing Grandpa and Grandma’s love story…about their first house without electricity, and the many houses they owned throughout their marriage…about their long walks, holding hands and their trips to the lake to go swimming…about Grandpa’s time in the service and about the gas station that he and his cousin owned…about his time working at the post office…about his love for Grandma as she faced Alzheimer’s…about his memory of her going to Heaven as he held her hand, surrounded by their loved ones…  

It was with a broken heart that I, again, had to say good-bye to Grandpa and go back to North Dakota on August 13th.  We drove home in one day.  


It was wonderful to snuggle my Littles and hear about their exciting week with their daddy.  He had filled their week with activity and fun!  Because I arrived home so late, I had to wait to see Troy, Bobbi and their girls until morning.  The hugs that I got in the morning were worth the wait!  It’s amazing how much I love them all!  It’s like we’ve claimed each other as family.




While in Minnesota, I got birth certificates and shot records for everyone.  Now Ike can get his permit, I can get a North Dakota driver’s license, and I can register the Littles for homeschool.  (I went to the DMV last week and found out that I also need my marriage license to prove that my last name was legally changed from Jones to Ebling.  Really?!!  Where will I find that?!)  I also went to the American Girl Doll Store and bought the girls’ Christmas presents!  I love that store!!  I could spend a whole year’s income there!  


We’ve tried to keep positive about the house situation…  We are so thankful for Troy and Bobbi, and their generosity.  They have been so wonderful to us.  The kids are able to play with their kids’ toys, we’ve enjoyed meals together, Bobbi and I have begun planning for the upcoming school year…  We are looking forward to joining their family for “Camp Pink Glitter” – their family “summer camp.”  I am excited about homeschool shopping in Minot with Bobbi…she’s offered to let me store my stuff at her house.  The Littles are looking forward to starting Awana, the bigger Littles are counting down the days until they can go to Acquire the Fire (a weekend filled with Christian concerts in Bismarck) with the youth group.  We are checking into some local homeschool classes – music, phy. ed., dance, theater…  Ike is interested in joining the local basketball team with a friend he met at church.  Though we are struggling with the housing situation, we’ve found an abundance of blessings in Williston.  We are thankful for Troy and Bobbi, for our new church family, for our friends and family, and for everyone who has been encouraging us and cheering us on.


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