Journey to the West ~ Day 78

It’s been a week of disappointments, on the home front.  The house, that we thought was ordered, wasn’t.  In a series of unfortunate events, we found out that the company we’d been working with has been leading us along…and we won’t be able to get our house through them.  So we are back to square one, again!  We have secured 10 acres to build on, but nobody to build our house.  I believe that God sent us here… I just don’t know what He wants us to do.  Winter will be upon us shortly.  Troy and Bobbi have, again, given us a lifeline.  They offered to clear out their basement, and let us stay there, if the weather gets cold and we are still waiting for housing.  Their generosity is such a blessing!  I don’t even know what we would have done, had we not met them.  So many times, I have felt like throwing up my hands and screaming, “I quit!”…then Troy and Bobbi put out their hands and say, “We are with you.”  

Vacation Bible School was TONS of fun!  
The kids enjoyed themselves.  Ike, Gabe, and Abbie volunteered; Phoebie, Kai, Lollie, Ayden, and Benjamyn participated.  I loved being involved…helping Bobbi decorate and working with the kids.  I was able to get to know some other women in the church, and the kids made some new friends.  If not for the lack of house, we’d be settling right in.  (Soft sigh…)

We went to the Sidney Fair, in Montana, yesterday evening, with Troy and Bobbi’s family.  The adults hadn’t thought to look at a weather forecast…and, while eating dinner, heard that there was a ‘super cell’ heading in.  We had to cut our evening very short.  The kids were all disappointed because they had wanted to eat cotton candy and ride the rides.  We promised them that we’d go next year, and assured them that we’d look at the weather before we left.  Oops!

Adrian and I are going to spend this coming week looking at our options for housing.  It is already the second week of August…sadly, we are running out of time before the snow and cold comes in.  


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  1. Hi, Beckie! Heard about your blog from my dear friend Beth Pennings. You’d met her when you picked up your CD at KFNW in Fargo. She was so impressed by your story! And I’d like to share one of my CDs with you to help put your kiddos to sleep at night, and perhaps to help you unwind as well. Do you, as an outside chance, have the Peacegiver CD? It’s not my newest one, but people have said it helps them to relax. I have your address, but would like to confirm it and send this or another “quiet” CD to you. When you have a chance, please confirm your address. My email is Your writing blesses me!
    Blessings back to you,
    Mary Beth Carlson

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