Journey to the West ~ Day 72

A lot has happened since my last entry.  We still don’t have consistent Internet, and it’s really expensive to use our phones as “hot spots” for Internet.

We’ve found a new church!  Cornerstone Baptist Church in Williston, North Dakota.  The kids and I have already found our “home” there.  Adrian hasn’t had an opportunity to meet many of the men there yet.  He’s comfortable because he knows Troy and Bobbi.  I’m eager for him to make some more friends.  

Iszak got a job!  He’s working for Bobbi’s Dad, doing yard work and miscellaneous jobs, for his trucking company.  Ike is very excited to go to work every morning.  I was a little emotional, realizing that he’ll now be working for the rest of his life….until he retires.  My boy is getting so grown up!  He’s also grown taller than Adrian.  

Abbigayle and Gabryel have been growing, too.  They are both taller than me now.  We’re going to have to go SERIOUS clothes shopping once our house is done.  All of the kids look like they’re waiting for a flood when they’re wearing pants, and the girls’ skirts need to have an inch or two of fabric added to the hemline.

Bobbi taught me how to make hair pretties for Maggie.  I don’t think that she realized how hard it would be to teach me.  It took me over an hour to make one hair pretty!  I thought I was super crafty ’til I came here…  The ladies here are so crafty!  I helped Bobbi decorate for Vacation Bible School and the ladies at church were all making such cute things.  I need more direction and less imagination, they seem to need less direction and more imagination.  I guess I better look at Pinterest more often!


Adrian has met a lot of new contacts and things are starting to pick up for him at work.  He’s written many bids and has been promised several jobs.  He is so brave, walking into businesses and talking to people.  I think I’d be too afraid of rejection.

Adrian and I picked out colors for our new house.  I’ve heard a lot of nightmare stories here, of people waiting several months past their promised move-in dates for their houses to be finished.  We are trying to be patient, but firm, with our home dealer.  (Still so weird… “Home dealer.”)  We have a lot to be done before the house will be delivered.  They need to level the land, dig and pour our basement, run the electric and water, dig a septic, put in a driveway…  Our time is short, with Winter quickly approaching, so we need people to keep moving.  


I went to a homeschool informational meeting with Bobbi.  I joined the local homeschooling group, WACHE (Williston Area Christian Home Educators).  I also signed up for information on a few activities for the kids.  The homeschooling laws in North Dakota are very different from the laws in Minnesota.  It may take me a bit to navigate things here.  I am planning to study for, and take, a “qualification test” soon. If I pass that test, I will not have to have my children tested by a licensed North Dakota teacher.  I am a HORRIBLE test taker, so the thought of taking a test is daunting.

Maggie is nearly walking now.  She’s “cruising” alone furniture and walls.  Eliyjah is suddenly talking up a storm.  He and Benjamyn fight about everything.  They want to play with the same toys, watch different movies, sleep in the same exact spot, ride on the same trike…  These kids are going to be in for a surprise when we move into our house.  BOOT CAMP, Momma Ebling style!

I feel much more hopeful here, like we’re making Williston our home, most of the time.  We’ve been so blessed to be here, in Troy and Bobbi’s yard.  Driving through the local campgrounds and man camps, and seeing how other people are living…  We truly are so blessed and I am very thankful!  Other times, however, I feel that the camper is much too small…the kids are much too loud…the days are much too long…our clothes are much too boring… I just want my stuff out of storage, my “real” bed, my cute clothes, my pretty jewelry.  “Me, me, me…”  It sounds so ugly.  I wish it was easier for me to have less Beckie and more Jesus!!  John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.  I am definitely learning a lot here!


The weeks ahead will be filled with activity – Vacation Bible School, the county fair, homeschool activities, a visit from Auntie Jan and Uncle Phil…  Before we know it, our house will be finished and we’ll be settling in. 




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