Journey to the West – Days 50-56

I know I said I’d be doing a weekly blog, but so much has happened…I just couldn’t wait another day!!

Adrian signed papers on a house yesterday!  YAY!!  We will have the final floor plan drawings next week, and I will get to pick my colors.  We made an agreement with a land owner in Williston to purchase 10 acres.  We will live about 3/4 of a mile from our friends, Troy and Bobbi.  God has worked this out even better than I could’ve dreamed!

Our yard is currently a wheat field.  It is so exciting for us to be able to drive down the road and say, “That’s our yard!!”
IMG_0565 In 9-12 weeks we will be moving into our new house!

Benjamyn celebrated his 4th birthday on the 14th.  It was a fun day.  We had a barbecue with Troy, Bobbi and their girls, then we had cupcakes and Ben opened his cards and presents.  
IMG_0554We had two big storms, two days apart.  As much as we all enjoy a good storm, it’s a little scary to be in the camper.  I am so thankful that Troy and Bobbi have a basement where we can go if things get too scary. 
IMG_0560Abbie and Chloie finished two crochet projects.  Abbie made a shawl and Chloie made a hair pretty.
IMG_0564Adrian has been gone a lot for work, meeting new people and making contacts.  He is starting to find his way around Williston, and he is feeling a bit more “at home” here.

I went to a homeschool moms’ Bible study with Bobbie on Tuesday night.  It was great, meeting other women who homeschool.  They made me feel very welcome.  Bible study started at 7:30 and, before we knew it, it was after 11PM!  The kids and I went to Park Day with other homeschoolers on Thursday.  We had to cut our time short because Eliyjah was tired.  He was crying and just wanted to “go home and take a nap.”  The bigger littles were disappointed because they didn’t really have an opportunity to make any friends.  We’ll go again next week, and I will make sure that Eliyjah gets a nap before we leave.

The Ebling family has decided that we need to plant our feet in the ground and make roots here.  Williston, North Dakota is our home now.


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One response to “Journey to the West – Days 50-56

  1. Anne Donnelly-Rieke

    One of my best friends is from Williston. You are in a good place. Anne D-R

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