Journey to the West – Week 7 (Days 49-55)

I have decided to start a weekly journal.  Things have settled down so much that the daily entries would all start to sound the same: “Today the kids played outside…their clothes got muddy…Adrian barbecued…”

On Saturday, Troy and Bobbi invited us to stay at their house when we had to leave the campground…on Sunday, we drove out to Troy and Bobbi’s and got settled in.  What a huge blessing!!  We spent the week in Troy and Bobbi’s yard.  It’s been so nice for me to have a friend right here.  The littles love playing with their friends and the grown ups enjoy spending time together.  

Our evenings and weekend were spent looking at different modular/manufactured homes.  We have narrowed things down, and we have an idea of what we want to do.  Now we need to choose a company and a property.  We are looking at a 1 acre lot in a subdivision in Watford City and a 5 acre lot just outside of Watford City.  We are getting very anxious to get into a house!




Adrian figured out how to get into his work’s estimating system online.  That has made things a lot easier for him.  He spent the week working on bids, and getting out to meet electrical contractors and builders.  I know that he is anxious to have his office completed, so he can “go to work.”  Working from the camper is pretty tough…the kids and I see him, so we talk to him.  We forget that he’s working.  

I started crocheting again.  I started a blanket for Benjamyn before we moved, so it’s far past time I get it done.  
(Maggie thinks she’s a helper, but she isn’t.)


The wee littles have managed to get into some shenanigans here…






Lollie came into our bedroom one night, crying, and said, “I just want my own room again!”  Oh, how we can relate.  It’s been a long journey…and, even after we have our house picked out and papers signed, we’re looking at a few more months in the camper.  I am just so very thankful that Troy and Bobbi have opened up their yard to us.  Their generosity has made this so much easier.  I am also very thankful for Adrian’s patience.  He is amazing!  Where I see things to complain about, he sees blessings.  He truly holds me together when I feel ready to fall apart.


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