The Journey West ~ Days 48, 49 & 50

Without Internet, I’ve fallen behind on my blog.  I have been trying to keep it up, saving my entries on Microsoft Word.  Over the weekend, however, I was super distracted and it’s all a blur…so the weekend will be on one entry. 

On Friday, Adrian had to go to town to work.  He took Ike and Gabe to town with him so they could visit a few stores.  They were really excited to get out of the campground for a while.  I wasn’t feeling well… Poor Ayden and Benjamyn were sick, too, so the kids and I spent a relatively quiet day inside.  It was a gloomy morning and a stormy afternoon, so we didn’t miss out on much fun.  The girls sat out the storm in Troy and Bobbi’s camper, while Maggie, the boys and I sat it out in our camper.  


We had a good weekend…looked at some modular homes, caught up on laundry, went for a few bike rides, played outside, and enjoyed time with our friends. 




On Saturday night, we were talking about where we’d go on Sunday.  We had stayed for two weeks at the State Park and needed to find a new campground.  We’d been talking about staying at Troy’s mom’s campground.  She charges quite a bit more than the State Park, but it seemed like a good option.  As we continued talking, Troy and Bobbi invited us, again, to stay in their yard.  We’d been hesitant to stay because we don’t want to intrude…a little Ebling goes a long way…but, to be honest, the idea made me a whole lot more content than moving to a new campground that we aren’t familiar with.  When Bobbi mentioned that she could really use the big boys’ help with her yard work, it seemed like a great plan.  The kids would be super excited, too, to stay with their friends!

 On Sunday morning, we loaded up the camper and left…  As we were driving down the freeway I noticed that the boxes, on the back of the camper, were starting to slip.  I could just imagine it – all of our stuff dumped out in the middle of the freeway.  ACK!!  I called Adrian and we pulled off to the shoulder to fix the straps that held our stuff in place.  (I am excited to have all of my stuff safely in my house…not in boxes on the back of our camper and in semi trailers in Fargo.)  We got back on the road, following Troy and Bobbi to their place.  As we pulled into their yard, the kids were anxious to get out of the truck.  They have a lot of the same outdoor climbers that we have, and a big wooden playset.  The littles couldn’t wait to explore their friends’ yard!!  As soon as we were parked, and the camper was in place, the kids were excitedly playing.  

Adrian and the big boys helped do some yard work, and I attempted to help weed the garden.  Apparently, my hands are too sensitive.  The prickle weeds won.  Since I am a horrible “weeder,” I offered to make supper for everyone.  (Well, I offered to make it, but really Adrian made it.)  We ate hotdogs and burgers, chips and grapes.  After supper, the littles were starting to get crabby.  We sent everyone in to take showers.  I gave Maggie and Eliyjah baths in the kitchen sink while the bigger littles took turns taking showers.  Just after 11PM the kids were finally tucked into bed.

Sometime during the night, a storm came…  Phoebie, Lollie and Ayden all joined us in our bed.  Three kids, with Adrian and me, in a double bed is not very comfortable.  When the storm lifted, we sent the kids to their bed.  It seemed like only a few minutes passed before Adrian’s alarm went off.  I guess it might be a long day. 


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