The Journey West – Day 47


The littles slept in until almost 10AM!  It was wonderful! 

I am so excited about my new griddle, I made French toast for breakfast.  It was SUPER yummy!  After breakfast, the neighbor showed us her new puppy – a tiny Yorkie.  She let the kids take turns holding the puppy.  When she left, Troy and Bobbi came by and invited us to their church’s 4th of July picnic at our campground.  We grabbed a few bags of chips and a box of cookies to share, then climbed into the truck to head down the hill to the pavilion.  Everyone was so welcoming.  We had a really nice time – the adults visiting in the pavilion and the kids playing in the water.  Ike and Gabe met some boys their ages and look forward to seeing them again when we go to church.  We are planning to go to their church until we find a permanent home…then we will see if we live near their church, or if we need to find a new church home. 

As the afternoon warmed up, the wee littles started getting anxious.  We drove back up the hill to our campsites.  (Most of the kids were too wet to ride INSIDE the vehicles, so they piled into the bed of our pickup truck.)  As we were getting the kids settled in, the head ranger stopped by our campsite.  I was nervous until he smiled and asked, “How are things going for ya, Beckie, at the campsite?”  (WHAT?!)  I smiled, a little unsure, and said, “Great.  The kids are having a blast!”  He nodded, wished me a happy Independence Day, and then asked our neighbor (who was outside with his mom’s new puppy) how their stay was going.  (I definitely do NOT get these people!!)


After naps, we prepared supper for a picnic with Troy and Bobbi’s family.  We’ll miss them so much when the weekend comes to an end and they go home, and we find a new campground. 

The kids played at the park with bowls of water and squirt guns until we heard fireworks in the distance.  Anxious not to miss the fireworks display, we loaded the wee littles into the stroller and walked down to the “spot.”   The fireworks were tough to see, and the mosquitoes were awful!  Bobbi and I decided to walk the littlest littles back to the camper before the fireworks ended.  Somehow, the big kids and men beat me back!  (Perhaps it was the frequent stops to smell flowers along the way??) 

After the kids were all tucked into bed, it only took a few seconds for everyone to start snoring.  Adrian and I snuggled in bed and watched “Red.”  I fell asleep before it ended…  I don’t know if I’ve completed a movie since we got here??  (Except “The Notebook.”  I can’t fall asleep during that movie.  It’s my favorite!)  I am always SO tired!


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