Journey to the West ~ Day 46

Another work from home day for Adrian.  We woke up early and ate pancakes – Adrian bought me a griddle that goes across the two back burners on the camper stove, then we turned the camper into Adrian’s office.

I spent some time in “Adrian’s office,” looking online at floor plans for modular homes.  Oh, how I want a “real house.”  A big yard would be great, too.  As much as I’d love to buy a farm, I am adjusting my thoughts.  An existing house in a small town, with a fenced-in back yard and a big garden…that would be great!!  The kids played at the park while I looked at floor plans and did a quick search for existing homes online.  They are doing such a great job, playing together and keeping track of the wee littles.  I am so proud of them!

The kids and I spent most of our afternoon outside – the kids playing with their friends, Bobbi and me visiting in their yard.   The little boys love playing in the water spicket at the park – they’d spend hours playing in that water.



Our neighbor, the one who was angry with us, stopped by and visited me for a little while after Bobbi had left to go home for the evening.  She asked where we were from and shared a bit about her family.  (I am starting to think that these people ALL have split personalities!)  She complimented me on our kids’ behavior and told me how beautiful my family is.  I complimented her on her son’s driving – he is always careful when he pulls in and out, and is aware of the littles running around.  (I had to say something!!)  She asked if we needed anything in town, and offered to pick stuff up for us.  (What?!)  I thanked her and told her that Adrian would be going to town later for work.  I did ask her if we could borrow some hand soap.  We ran out last night and have been using dish soap and bar soap.  Yuck. 

When Adrian’s work day was done – he ended up just working on estimates from the camper and didn’t go to town – we spent a lazy evening together…  Adrian and I sat outside in lawn chairs while the kids played at the park.  Adrian and I are doing so much talking these days…it’s like we’re getting to know each other all over again.

We’d planned to put the kids to bed early, anticipating a long day tomorrow, but things didn’t get quiet until after 11PM.  That seems to be our new bedtime. 


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