Journey to the West – Day 45

Woke up early today…  Adrian had to go to work.  He is trying to meet electrical contractors to develop relationships.  With horrible Internet service at the campground, and no office, Adrian is very limited.  He doesn’t let anything get him down…  He is way more “go with the flow” than me. 

Adrian and I decided that we’d give this modular home idea a chance.  We had looked online at the different lots that are available before Adrian left for work, and decided that Adrian ought to go take a look at them.  After he got done with work, he stopped at our post office box and grabbed our mail and then went to look at lots.  He took pictures and videos of both – the 1 acre lot and the 5 acre lot.  The 5 acre lot was close to an oil rig and the 1 acre lot (in a little subdivision) is near a man camp.  Hmm…  We truly ARE in oil country.


Adrian went grocery shopping before coming back to the camper – he was in line at Walmart for 45 minutes!  He was not happy.  I made tuna fish sandwiches, on hamburger buns, for the kids.  (We were out of food, and it was getting late.)  We cleaned the camper as fast as we could, after dinner, and got ready for Adrian to get back with groceries.  It took him longer than we’d anticipated, so we were able to get the beds and cribs ready.  When Adrian got back, we quickly put the cold stuff away and left the other stuff for morning.  The kids snuggled into bed, we said our prayers, and the camper grew quiet.   


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