Journey to the West – Day 44


After a fitful night of sleep, Adrian and I woke up early and talked…about how lost I feel, about all of the struggles we’ve faced, about God…  Last week, a Christian company from Dallas called to offer Adrian a job.  It was a company he’d interviewed with before we moved here.  They hadn’t offered him a job before because they couldn’t offer him the salary he’d requested.  They had just sold some bigger projects, though, and were in a better position to offer him a job.  Adrian, sadly, had to decline their offer because we are here.  I asked Adrian if he thought we’d jumped at the opportunity here too fast…if we’d missed God’s plan.  We both “know” we’re supposed to be here, but there have been so many struggles!  How could *this* be God’s plan?!  We decided that we just have to continue to have faith…and that God will show us His plan.  As desperately as I want God to take us from this place, I know that His plan is better than any plan I could have.  

I called my mom and told her that the kids and I were going to stay here with Adrian.  

Adrian and I drove to the office and asked to speak with the head ranger.  He’s out of town, so the girl behind the desk said that she’d she leave a message for the assistant head ranger to stop by our campsite.  We paid for one night, not sure if we can stay longer than that, and drove back to our camper.  The kids were just starting to wake up, so we all worked together to get the camper ready for the day.  We ate a quick breakfast, then Adrian did some work from the camper.  Not having an office yet has really made things tough for him.  It’s hard to work in a camper with 10 littles running in and out.  

We waited all day for the assistant head ranger to stop by…he never did.  Adrian stayed at the camper, working, all day.  He wanted to be here for me when the ranger came by.  While Adrian worked, and the kids played at the park, I made lots of phone calls and sent loads of emails trying to figure out what we’re going to do about a house.  We found out that the house we want, the one that reminds me of my grandparents, can’t be financed.  With all of the old outbuildings, we couldn’t get an FHA loan.  (I asked our mortgage broker if we could be sneaky and buy the house and five acres for the asking price, then have a separate deal with the sellers to buy the remaining land and outbuildings for $1000.  He said, “Beckie, it just isn’t in the cards for you.”  Boo!)  That wasn’t the only bad news our mortgage broker had.  He also told me that, since the mortgage crisis, it is nearly impossible to finance a farm.  So… I cried.  Again.  Then I started accepting that we had to go to plan B.  Our broker gave us the name and number of a married couple who own a modular home business and have a neighborhood development in the same city as Adrian’s new office.  I called them.  They can have a home built, and placed on our lot, in as little as three weeks.  OR they know of a realtor who has 5-15 acre lots available, and they can put a home on that lot before the end of Summer.  I asked them to email me the information so I could discuss it with Adrian.  I also got an email from a friend of my aunt’s, who made this same journey years ago…it was gold in the West, then, not oil.  She had some great information and some really good ideas.  It was nice to hear from someone who had experienced the same things I am experiencing…and who came from the same roots I come from.  She’s back in Minnesota now, but she learned a lot out West.

Adrian finished working (it was super hard not to talk to him while he was working in the camper!!) and we talked about our options for a house while we made supper together – spaghetti and green beans.  Yum!  We decided that we’d pursue the modular home idea and that he’ll look at the lots while he’s working in Watford City in the morning.  It’s comforting to have a plan, even if it’s vague.

When supper was finished, the kids played outside while Adrian and I watched “Big Brother.”  It’s nice to have the Internet so we can watch TV, even if we can only watch shows that have already been aired…and we have to refresh the screen every five minutes.  (Can’t complain too much when it’s free Internet.)

Before bed, Adrian and Ike went out to dump the tanks while the other kids and I got the camper set up for bedtime.  The guy next to us was outside letting his dog go potty.  He asked Ike to let his dog out a few times during the day, and offered to pay him $10 per day.  What a blessing!  Ike has been wanting to earn a little money, and he can’t get a “real” job until we settle into our house.  Ike was really excited – the guy has a big dog, and Ike wants a big dog.  

When the tanks were emptied, and the kids were ready for bed, we prayed together and went to bed.  (The ranger never did come to our camper.)  My allergies were terrible again, so it took me a while to fall asleep.  Thoughts of houses and neighborhoods filled my head…until the sneezing stopped and sleep took over.  


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