Journey to the West ~ Day 42

What a great day to sleep in!!  I don’t think anyone moved until 10AM.  It was wonderful!!  After cleaning up the camper, and getting it ready for the day, Adrian and I fed the kids brunch.  The Littles started begging to go swimming as soon as their food was gone.  We’d promised the kids that we’d go swimming with our new friends, so they were anxious to get going.  Bobbi’s husband, Troy, was out doing some work at their house, so we told the kids that they’d have to wait until after nap time.

The kids played at the park nearly all day, only coming back to the camper to eat a snack and go to the bathroom.


On one of our walks home from the park, a truck with 3 rangers in it stopped me and said that they wanted to tell me that I have a beautiful family…and that everyone is so impressed with their behavior…that they are a blessing to have at the campground.  It felt good to get compliments about my children.  I think that they’re pretty great, myself!

Just after noon, Maggie and I took a short nap.  It felt wonderful!!


When Maggie and I woke up, everyone found their swimming suits and we walked to the lake.  The Littles played, happily, for three hours – swimming, splashing, building sandcastles, finding “treasures,” and playing with their friends.  The moms stayed up on the beach and the dads ventured out into the water.  With so many Littles, I found myself doing several head counts.  (On the way to the beach, Troy told us that there was a man who drowned in the lake last week…they still hadn’t found his body.  That did not make me feel very great, having my kids swimming in the lake.)

After swimming, everyone came back to get dressed.  As I was getting the kids dressed, one of the rangers stopped by our campsite.  An oil worker, who is camping here, gave her $30 to give to us to get ice cream for our kids…and she wanted to know if it was okay with me to accept it.  She said that the oil worker had lots of children, himself, and he wanted us to be able to have a treat with our kids.  I told her that I really appreciated it and that we’d enjoy getting the Littles a treat, and to please pass on our thanks to the man who donated the money.

After everyone was dressed, we decided to have a picnic dinner with our new friends…we all pitched in and came up with a yummy meal – barbecued brats, hotdogs, and steak, pasta salad, grapes, chips, and Sprite.  After dinner, the kids played until almost dark while the grown-ups talked.

The moms started yawning, so we knew it was time to call it a night.  The kids quickly picked up the yard, and we said goodnight.  Adrian and I worked together to get the beds and cribs set up, then we tucked the Littles in for the night.

When all was quiet in the camper, Adrian and I snuggled in bed and watched “The Notebook.”  It’s one of my favorite movies!  After the movie, we turned off TV and quickly fell asleep.


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  1. Yay for sleeping in! Love you and miss you! I had the biggest urge to get in my car and drive with the boys to come see all of you but I’m not sure where we would stay. Know I am there in spirit and praise God miles do not separate hearts.

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