Journey to the West ~ Day 41


YAY for Friday!!  The kids woke up early this morning, anxious to play with their new friends.  When they rode their bikes to their friends’ camper, they were gone!  Oh, how hard it is to be patient!!!  We ate breakfast and cleaned the camper while we waited for them to get back to their camper…then we waited some more.  After lunch, the girls came to our camper!!  Their momma was putting their littlest sisters down for a nap, then she’d be over for a visit.  Adrian had been home, working on blue prints, all morning…he left just as the girls were coming to our camper.  He had to go look at a job, then do laundry and work on estimates.  (The laundromat has great wifi, so he is able to connect to his estimating software.)  

I tried to lay Maggie and Eliyjah down for a nap…that didn’t happen.  We did get to watch “Despicable Me” for the millionth time, though.

Bobbi, the girls’ mom, came to our camper with her two wee girls, just after I gave up on nap time.  It was so great, talking to another momma!!  She and I have a lot in common, so our conversation was very comfortable.  Her six girls, and my ten kids, played so well together!  It certainly didn’t feel like we had 16 kids running around.

Adrian pulled into the campground at 7PM.  (Where had the time gone??)  He brought in groceries and clean laundry.  Bobbi and I decided that we probably ought to make supper for our families, so everyone said goodnight.  

After putting away groceries, Adrian started the grill.  He barbecued burgers and brats, and I made baked beans.  We ate a late dinner, then played outside while our food settled.  

My sister, Jennie, and I were texting each other…  Tomorrow is her daughter, Jill’s, graduation open house.  Ordinarily, I would be helping her get ready…and we’d be giggling and having fun.  It was a tough night for both of us…with me being here, and her there.  It took everything I had not to load the kids into the van and drive all night, so I could be there for Jill’s party. 

Adrian and I got the kids down with little trouble.  The Littles were all tired from the fun with their friends!  

When Adrian and I snuggled into bed, I cried and told him how sad I was feeling…and how much I miss everyone “back home.”  He held me and reminded me about all that we have to look forward to.  I do look forward to our future…I’m just feeling a little disappointed that things are moving so slowly.  I read my book, on my iPad, until my eyes were too tired to see…then I drifted off to sleep.


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