Journey to the West ~ Day 40


Forty days… 

The kids slept in again!  YAY!  Adrian worked from the camper…first, he was outside at the picnic table, so the kids could sleep in, then he was at the table in the camper.  His new office isn’t completed yet.  The latest estimate for completion…the end of July.  The trouble with not having an office is that his employer has a secure network, and it takes several server connections to get into his estimating program.  Because we don’t have a secure Internet connection at the campground, he can’t get into the estimating software.  He may have to drive to a different office to write his estimates…that means that the kids and I will be on our own overnight, at least, once per week.  This wouldn’t be a big deal, except that we’re staying in a campground…and I like having him here with us at night.  We don’t know our “neighbors” and it is safer with our man here.  Adrian also doesn’t have a work truck yet.  It was delivered to the wrong State.  We’re hoping to pick it up by Monday.   I am thankful that Adrian is so laid back…if not for that, I think I’d be on the freeway, heading back to Minnesota.  He holds things together for me when I feel like everything is falling apart.  

After a frustrating day of working with his I.T department, and trying to look at blue prints, Adrian and I decided that we needed some time outdoors.  We sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather while the Littles rode their bikes and played at the park.

For dinner, we made egg Mcmuffins, without the Mc.  I’m running out of creative ideas for camping meals.  We’ll be back to barbecuing tomorrow, I am sure.  Cheeseburgers actually sound yummy, again!

Our new friends from Williston, Troy and Bobbi, decided to come camping for the weekend.  They have 6 daughters and homeschool.  YAY!  Troy pulled into the campground just before bedtime.  We visited with him a bit, then decided that we better get the kids to bed – the mosquitoes were out and decided that we’d make a tasty dinner.  Bobbi and the girls were coming later, so we get to look forward to seeing them in the morning.  

The kids struggled to settle down.  The excitement of seeing their friends, along with the late setting of the sun, made it too hard to sleep.  Adrian and I turned on ‘Cars 2’ in the living room, and the kids snuggled wherever they could find a spot, and watched TV until they fell asleep.  When I turned off the TV, after their movie was over, I had to weave through the maze of Littles.  I love that they are all laid back like their daddy…  They don’t complain about living in the camper, or having their things in trailers in Fargo.  I am so thankful for my family… I am truly blessed.  


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