Journey to the West – Day 39


The kids slept in AGAIN!  YAY!!  They may not fall asleep until after dark, at 11PM, but they’ll sleep in…even when the sun rises at 5AM.  

I spent the morning on the computer, trying to figure out our mortgage stuff.  It’s so frustrating, trying to buy a house when the FHA limits haven’t caught up with the market in North Dakota.  

The girls have made a little friend here – the girl who was in their play – and she has kinda’ adopted us as her family.  She’s here with her grandparents, but she’s at our camper all day.  She eats meals with us and snuggles in to watch movies with us.  (She even took a shower with us this evening!)

Adrian worked today…his office isn’t ready yet, so he has to work from the camper or from a place in town that offers free wifi.  Today he worked from Bubba’s Bubbles – he did laundry AND worked on bids.  Great multi-tasking!  

The kids and I spent the afternoon at the beach.  The first thing I told the Littles was to stay on the beach and not go in the water.  The first thing Eliyjah did was run to the water…and fall flat on his face in the water.  


Everyone found “special rocks” to save for our new house.  We’re going to have a rock garden, like the one my mom had when I was growing up.  I think we’ll be pulling an extra 500 pounds in the camper, just because of rocks!  


After going to the beach, we went for a walk.  Everywhere we go, we worry about ticks.  I constantly “feel” them on me.  


When we got back to the camper, Adrian was there with clean laundry and groceries.  I made spaghetti for supper – so yummy!!  It’s super great, eating “real” food.  

After supper was cleaned up, the girls and I went to the shower house to take showers.  We said good-bye to the girls’ friend after supper…but, when we got into the shower house, there she was!  Her grandma sent her to take a shower with us.  We waited for their friend to get done with her shower before we headed back to the camper.  (I didn’t want to leave her alone in the shower house.  That just is not safe!)  When we got back to the camper, Adrian took the boys to take showers while the girls and I got the camper ready for bedtime.  

When the boys got back to the camper, everyone got ready for bed – brushed teeth, went potty, said prayers…  Once again, Eliyjah wouldn’t settle down.  He joined Adrian and me in our bed and convinced me to turn on “Kung Fu Panda.”  Long after Eliyjah was asleep, I found myself still watching “Kung Fu Panda.”  I don’t think I’ve ever watched that entire movie.  I shut off the movie and carried Eliyjah to his crib, then snuggled back into my bed…until Maggie woke up because the big Littles were laughing in their bedroom. Argh!!  I was NOT a happy momma!  After scolding the kids, I brought Maggie into our bed and we both fell asleep.  


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