Journey to the West ~ Day 38

The kids slept in until 9:45!  It was wonderful!  We cleaned up the camper, put the cribs and beds away, and ate a big brunch.  It looked like it was going to rain, so the kids and I cleaned up the yard and put everything under the camper.  (We have our totes of clothes outside now, since we sold our moving closet (the Excursion).)  The kids colored and watched movies, I worked on my blog and sent some emails.  I emailed our mortgage broker about the house offer…he said that it may be better to build new.  With the FHA limits being so low in North Dakota, it’s going to be tough to get a decent loan for an existing property.  The bummer is that we don’t want to build new.  Because I don’t have decent cell signal at our campground, I am stuck doing my business through email.  It sure would be easier to just talk to our mortgage broker.  I think that Adrian is going to call him tomorrow, when he’s in town.  

The girls have made a few friends in the campground.  Their friends came by to see if the girls could play.  Looking at the sky, I decided that it didn’t look any more threatening than it had all morning, so I let the girls go to the park with their friends.  

After about an hour, the girls came back and asked if they could go to the amphitheater to check it out.  It’s just down the road from our camper, so I said that they could go.  They came back super excited!  The park rangers saw them at the amphitheater…the girls asked them if they could put on a play, if they got their parents’ permission.  The rangers said they could.  I gave them permission, as did the other parents.  They walked around the campground inviting everyone to their play.  They wrote their script and had the kids all meet to practice an hour before “show time.”  

At 6PM, just after Adrian got “home” from work, we brought the 2 wee Littles and the 2 biggest Littles to see the play.  Three other adults came, as did the campground hosts.  Abbie, Phoebie, Kai, Lollie, Ayden, Benjamyn, and a friend put on a play that the girls wrote called, “The Runaways.”  It was very cute!  Abbie was the narrator; Phoebie, Lollie, and their friend were the runaways; Kai was a fat baker; and Ayden and Benjamyn were the cops.  The adults were all gracious and cheered for the young actors. 


After the play, Adrian started the grill and helped the bigger boys fix their bikes.  On a family bike ride, when we were camping here last time, we found a junk yard filled with bike parts and various other things.  Adrian asked the park rangers if we could take parts off of the bikes to fix our bikes.  (The bikes took quite a beating, being transported from Minnesota to North Dakota, from North Dakota to Wyoming, and from Wyoming back to North Dakota.)  The rangers said that we could take anything we needed.  The bigger boys picked out the parts that they needed and brought them back to the camper.  While dinner was being grilled, Adrian and the boys fixed the bikes.  

When the bikes were put back together, we ate a yummy chicken dinner – grilled chicken and potatoes, macaroni salad, and green beans.  Yum!!  After dinner, Adrian and I sat outside and watched the kids play at the park.  At 9PM, after I set the camper up for bedtime, we told the kids that it was time for bed.  They all protested, saying that it was “still light outside.”  (It’s light here until well after 10PM.  The Littles are just going to have to learn to fall asleep when it’s light outside!)  

Nobody would settle down, even after we’d tucked them in a few times.  We need room darkening shades, I think!  The kids were whispering and giggling for over an hour.  Maggie and Eliyjah ended up falling asleep in our bed because the bigger Littles kept them up.  

When, at last, the camper grew quiet, Adrian and I talked about our plans for the future…  It is so hard to not feel frustrated.  I guess that I assumed we’d have a game plan by now.  I am sure that things will look brighter when we have a house picked out and a closing date on the calendar.  

Adrian gave me a beautiful card today to tell me that he loves me and that, though things are tough right now, we’re going to be okay…and my dear friend, Ember, sent me a text with this reminder: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say to the Lord, ‘My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’  Psalm 91:1-2  Wherever I am, I can make my dwelling with the Lord…and there find blessed rest.  

I am going to rest in Him, and trust that He has the perfect home for my family…and that He will make a way! 


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  1. Theresa

    Oh I would have loved to see the play! Your kiddo’s have such great imaginations. Please give everyone my love and send me your P.O. Box number so we can flood you with love. ❤

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