Journey to the West – Day 37

Morning came way too early!  It was Adrian’s first day at work in North Dakota.  We hadn’t thought to get things set up for him to leave, so his shoes and keys were in the living room.  He quietly gathered his stuff and started his truck…not so quietly.  Diesels cannot start quietly.  Before he was even out of our camping spot, the wee littles were awake and talking.  

The kids and I slowly motivated.  We put the cribs and beds away, then ate cereal for breakfast.  With Adrian at work, we had a lazy day…playing in the grass near our camper and at the park across the street.  I talked to our realtor and set up appointments for us to see two houses when Adrian got off of work. 

When Adrian got back to the camper, we looked at the two houses online and discovered that they were two hours away from his office in Watford City.  We talked about it and decided that we just didn’t want to live that far away.  

I’m starting to feel very defeated…  The housing market is so bad here…not enough houses and, what is available, is way overpriced.  Everything is so far away from everything else…every town is an hour away from wherever you are…  I feel like an alien in a foreign land!  Everywhere you look there are oil rigs and man camps…and everything is so dirty!  Our camper feels like it’s shrunk over the past few days…or maybe the kids have grown a whole bunch.  Ugh!!  It’s been a very hard day.



Adrian called our realtor and asked her about the house we’d put an offer on before.  She said that it was still for sale.  Adrian told her to put in a new offer, a little higher than our previous offers.  She said that she would.

Adrian made soup and sandwiches for supper.  (I think I blew this one…maybe I should’ve had something special planned for his first day at his new office.  Oops!)  It was so yummy to eat “regular” food.  It’s funny how much you miss normal things.  (I really want my mom’s potato, beef and corn hotdish!  I think that’ll be the first meal I make when we move into a house!)

We heard back from our realtor.  The home owners counter offered.  They are willing to meet us in the middle.  I need to talk with our mortgage broker to see if we can make it work.  FHA hasn’t caught up with the crazy market here, so their loan amounts are quite low.  I am hoping that our mortgage broker can come up with something creative for us!  I’ll talk with him in the morning.

We spent the rest of the evening outside, watching the Littles ride bikes and play at the park.  When everyone came back to the camper, we did a “tick check.”  I removed many, many ticks!  YUCK!!  

After tucking the kids into bed, Ike found another tick on his leg.  GASP!  I made everyone check themselves, again, and their beds.  As much as I love having trees and grass at this campsite, I miss the gravel at our campsite in Casper because we didn’t have to worry about ticks.  

Ayden woke up in the middle of the night with growing pains.  He snuggled into bed with Adrian and me.  Adrian can sleep no matter what…so his snoring, along with Ayden’s constant repositioning, kept me up the rest of the night.  Oh, how I’d love to look forward to a nap.  I don’t think that’ll be happening…in ca amper with 10 Littles, naps aren’t even possible for the littlest of Littles.

(Sorry about the Debbie Downer blog entry.  I’m sure I’ll be back to my happy self tomorrow!)


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  1. Theresa

    So glad to get some updates. Been thinking of and praying for all of you. I’ve tried calling a few times. Hope all is well! Love you all.

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