Journey to the West – Day 36

The kids all woke up extra early, excited to get back to North Dakota.  After eating a quick breakfast and getting the camper ready for the trip, we were back on the road.  Lollie rode with Adrian, the other Littles rode with me.  Adrian was excited to have company in the truck.  Driving the Excursion, we were too afraid to have anyone ride with him.  The F350 was doing so well, we decided to let Lollie ride with him.  

We drove until lunchtime, then pulled off to have a picnic at a park.  We ate lunch and let the Littles play at the park for a while.  When the sky started to turn grey, we loaded everyone back up and started driving the rest of the way to North Dakota.  Lollie and Phoebie rode with Adrian, everyone else rode with me.


Finally, just before dinnertime, we pulled into the Lewis and Clark Campground in Epping, North Dakota.  We unloaded the vehicles and got the camper set up.  We had plans to look at two houses, so had to hurry and get back on the road.  Kai, Phoebie, Gabe, and Ike stayed at the campground, the other kids went with Adrian and me.  Our realtor was running late, so Adrian and I stopped at one of the properties without her.  We were just going to look around outside, since we didn’t have a code to get into the lockbox, but Benjamyn discovered that the house was unlocked.  We let ourselves into the house.  It was a cute house, but not “home.”  The stairs were too steep, the neighbors were too close, and it just didn’t feel like “home.”  From there, we drove to the second house.  That house was much nicer.  It had a lot of acreage and outbuildings.  The owners were home, so they took a lot of time explaining what things were and what would come with the house.  Even though the house was much nicer, the price tag was a little steep for what we’d be getting.  So, sadly, that wasn’t “home,” either.  Leaving there, we stopped at Subway for a late dinner.  We called the kids back at the camper and told them to heat up leftovers and get the camper set up for bedtime.

The drive back to the camper took nearly two hours.  Everyone in the van was crabby and tired.  When, at last, we got back to the camper, we tucked the Littles into bed and everyone quickly fell asleep.  


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