Journey to the West – Day 35

Everyone woke up early, anxious to get on the road.  Even though we’d done so much cleaning and preparing last night, there was still plenty to do.  We were finally on the road just after 11.  I headed out before Adrian to stop and pick up a prescription at Walgreens.  (Who knows when I will see another Walgreens??)  When Adrian left the campground, the manager stopped him.  He said, “I don’t usually miss my customers, but I am really going to miss your kids.”  Adrian thanked him for his hospitality.  The manager said, “When you come back, I won’t give away your reservation.  I would never make that mistake twice.”  HA HA!  (I guess I left an impression.)

Once on the road, things went GREAT!  The new truck pulled the camper easily!  Adrian was able to listen to music while he drove, and I was able to drive without having constant panic attacks.

We drove all day…through horrible storms most of the day…only stopping for gas.  We had to pull off of the freeway for a little while, in the late afternoon, to try to get some protection from the hail and wind.  We pulled behind a big building.  


After the storm let up, we found a Kentucky Fried Chicken and stopped for dinner.  They had a buffet, so everyone left with very full tummies.  

We drove for a few more hours.  The weather went from stormy and warm to snowy and cold!  CRAZY!!  Snow in June??  We even had to slow down a few times because the snow made the road slippery!



Again, the weather changed…  When we finally pulled into a KOA campground in Miles City, Montana, it was warm and rainy again.  I had a migraine and was more than ready to be done driving!


After checking in and getting the camper parked, Adrian and I quickly set the camper up for sleeping.  Everyone snuggled in and watched a movie until sleep took over.  

It was a long and tiring day!


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