Journey to the West – Day 34

Woke up early this morning….excited about getting back to North Dakota to find a house and to start our life.  Living in a camper is okay, but I am really looking forward to getting my stuff out of the trailers and into my house!

The kids and I all worked hard to get everything ready for our trip, while Adrian had his last day of work at the Casper, Wyoming office.  We did laundry, we cleaned the camper extra well, we packed up anything that might fall during transport.  When everything was cleaned up, we watched a movie and waited for the laundry to get finished.  On our last trip up to the laundry room, the manager (whom I yelled at when we first got to the campground because he gave away my reservation) was standing outside of the laundry room.  He said that he wanted to tell me, again, how much he appreciated my children.  I thanked him and told him that we’d be back in the Fall.  He said, “I will know, when you make your reservations, that you will be here…even if it’s late.”  (Smart man!)

When Adrian got back to the camper we talked about our options – leave tonight and take our chances driving the Excursion, OR go out looking at trucks one more time and leave first thing in the morning, either in a new truck or in the Excursion. 


We decided that we’d look at trucks one more time.  The only place that we hadn’t looked was the Ford dealership.  They were the ones who diagnosed the issues with our Excursion, so we assumed they wouldn’t take it on trade.  We decided to go there, anyway, and take our chances.  We left all of the kids at the camper, watching a movie.  Immediately, when we pulled into the dealership, we found a Ford F350.  It was even in our budget…if they’d give us enough for the Excursion on trade.  Adrian drove the truck and really liked it.  We sat down and started talking numbers with the salesman.  He drove our Excursion and offered us $2500 trade in on it.  That still made the price of the truck $2000 more than we had in our budget.  Adrian told the salesman what the number had to be, then the salesman spoke with his sales manager.  His sales manager drove the Excursion, trying to “find more value in it.”  We were nervous…what if he decided to give us nothing??  The sales manager got back and went into the private office with our salesman.  They sat in there, “working numbers,” for about 10 minutes…then came out and told us, “We made it work.”  YAY!  So, we left our Excursion and drove back to the camper in our new 2004 Ford F350 diesel pick up truck.



From the Ford dealership, we went to Wendy’s for dinner.  (We had told the kids to eat chips and salsa when we left.)  When we sat down to eat, we noticed some foul mouthed teenagers at a table nearby.  There was a dad with two little kids at another nearby table.  The teenagers thought they were super cool with breathalyzer straws in their mouths, cussing about the cops busting them.  I contemplated saying something, but waited… until the boys got rowdy and threw a chair.  The chair came very close to the table where the dad and his two little ones were sitting.  I yelled, “KNOCK IT OFF!  There are babies in here!  And, while you’re at it, watch your language!”  The boys were sarcastic, saying stupid things back to me.  I said, “You think you’re so cool with your breathalyzer straws.  You actually look stupid!  You need to knock off your stupid behavior!”   The kids continued to spout off.   Adrian told them, again, to knock it off.  We were finished eating, so we got up to leave.  The dad thanked us for speaking up.  Of course we spoke up!  His wee baby was defenseless in a carseat while those bratty teenagers threw a chair in his direction.

When Adrian and I got back to the camper, everyone worked together to get the beds ready and to get this as organized as we could so we could leave in the morning.  With everyone tucked into bed, Adrian and I talked about our dreams for North Dakota…

(Thank goodness for Microsoft Word!  When I don’t have Internet, I can save my blog entires on that.)


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