Journey to the West – Day 33

Woke up still feeling a li’l yucky, but it wasn’t nearly as difficult to drag myself out of bed as it was yesterday.  A couple of Benadryl and Tylenol and I was ready to face the day.  I didn’t feel up to going to a museum, or venturing out of the camper, so the kids and I watched movies and listened to music all day in the comfort of the air conditioning.  

Adrian came back to the camper early this afternoon.  He picked up a truck from a dealership and wanted to see how it would do pulling the camper.  The kids and I rushed to get the camper ready to be pulled – we had to get everything off of the counters and windowsills, clean up the floors, and pull in the slide outs.  The big boys removed the jacks and moved the bikes away from the back of the camper.  Adrian hooked the camper to the back of the truck and pulled it away…  When he came back to the campground he parked the camper and the kids all helped me set it back up, while Adrian brought the truck back to the dealership.  We opened the sliding glass door, to walk into the camper, and it looked like a tornado had hit it!!  Things were everywhere.  Apparently, I missed some loose things and they had fallen all over the floor.  I think that I could’ve called State Farm, and sent them photos, and they’d have paid us out for the damage.  HA HA!!  The kids and I picked things up and made the camper look livable again.  

While we were getting things back in order, our friends Heather and Josh came with their kids.  They wanted to say good-bye.  We visited for a bit, until Adrian came back to the campground.  He said that the truck had pulled the camper okay, but not perfect…and that there wasn’t any wind, so he didn’t know how it would do with the wind gusts.  *sigh*  

We invited Heather, Josh and the kids to stay for dinner.  Adrian barbecued burgers, hot dogs and steaks.  it was a yummy impromptu supper!  After dinner, the kids played a baseball game while the adults visited.  It was nice, spending time chatting.  

Before we knew it, it was bedtime.  After saying our good-byes, Heather, Josh and the kids left.  Adrian and I hurried to get the camper set up for sleeping while the Littles cleaned the yard.  Finally, just after 10PM, everyone was snuggled into bed.  Well, everyone except Lollie, Eliyjah and Maggie.  They were cozy in our bed.  We watched ‘Despicable Me’ – our nighttime “stand-by” movie – until they were all sleeping…including Adrian.   


I had a hard time falling asleep, so I watched a few stupid late night shows…then, at last, sleep took over.  


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