Journey to the West – Day 30


Has it really been only 30 days?  So many adventures, struggles, triumphs, tears, and laughter…it doesn’t seem possible that it’s been only 30 days.

We prayed for a financial miracle and received one today.  We will be able to buy a truck to pull the camper back to North Dakota.  So thankful that God cares about our every need…and that He is always busy making a way for us.  We are planning to leave Wyoming on Friday, pulling our camper with a one ton Ford pick up truck.  God had it all handled before I even started worrying…He always has it handled.  Oh, how much time I waste worrying!  So thankful that God only asks me to have faith the size of a mustard seed.  Matthew 17:20 So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.  Sadly, sometimes that is all I can muster.

The kids and I spent the day, literally, doing laundry.  It had been several days since we’d done laundry, so there was a TON!  The kids took turns riding bikes to the laundry room with me and staying back at the camper, watching babies.  

Adrian drove to the car dealership at lunchtime to look at the Ford we want.  The owner said that he’d stay late, until Adrian could get there after work, and he’d look at the Excursion to see if he’d take it on trade.  After work, Adrian drove the Excursion back to the dealership and the owner asked him if he’d received a phone call.  Adrian said he hadn’t.  The owner explained, apologetically, that his partner had taken a deposit on the truck on Friday and hadn’t written it down.  When we’d looked at the truck on Saturday, and when Adrian had looked at it again at lunch today, it was already spoken for.  The owner told Adrian that the person who put down the deposit had until Wednesday morning to get a loan for the truck, or he would lose the truck…and then we could buy it.  Sigh…  So, I guess we wait.  When Adrian and I test drove trucks on Saturday, we did pick out a second choice vehicle.  He drove straight from that dealership to the other dealership, but it was closed.  Our second choice vehicle was still on the lot, so he’s assuming it is still available.  (We, obviously, can never assume.)  He will drive back to the dealership over his lunch tomorrow.  We have decided that we won’t do anything until Wednesday afternoon, when we know if we can get our first choice of vehicles.  (Our first choice is a black Ford, one ton pick up truck with a diesel engine.  The second choice is a yellow Ford, one ton pick up truck with a gas engine.)

On one of our trips to the laundry room with the kids, I realized that the front tire on my bike was flat.  So…the rest of the trips to the laundry room were walking trips.  (Adrian’s front tire, on his bike, is also flat.  He noticed that on Sunday night.  Riding on rocks must not be good for bike tires.  We’ll be buying new tires this week.)  Ike’s bike still had a trailer attached, so he was able to bring the clean laundry back to the camper in that.  

When Adrian got home, after his disappointing trips to the dealerships, we made sandwiches and fruit salad for dinner – leftovers from our picnic.  While I cleaned up the camper after dinner, Adrian and the boys fixed our bed.  The hydraulic lifter in the bed had snapped the bolts and the bed was sitting crooked in the bedroom, almost pushing into the wall.  If it wasn’t fixed, we couldn’t bring in the slide-outs to leave the campground on Friday.  It was a lot of work, and we’ll need a more permanent repair soon, but the bed is back where it belongs.

After the bed was fixed, Ike and Gabe went to the laundry room to (finally) put our last loads into the dryer.  There was a man in a cowboy hat, who is staying in the tent area, in the laundry room.  He had yelled at the boys last time he was in the laundry room with them because Gabryel changed the channel on the TV – there was a very inappropriate show on, and Gabe was concerned that Lollie was in the laundry room.  I told Gabe that, if someone was already in the laundry room watching tv, he and the kids need to just leave the laundry room and come back to the camper.  Anyway, Ike and Gabe sat in the chairs to wait for the dryers to stop.  The man in the cowboy hat angrily asked the boys if they were there to get our laundry.  “I have to get mine done!”  He snapped.  Ike said that they were going to get our laundry when the dryers were done.  “Check it!  I need to get mine done!”  He ordered.  Ike opened the dryer to check our laundry, which was still running.  When he reached into the dryer to feel the laundry, the cowboy hat guy cornered Ike into the dryer area with with his laundry basket and hovered over him…intimidating him.  Ike told Gabe to go back to the camper to get his bike with the trailer, to bring the laundry back to the camper.  Gabe, scared, told Ike that they could just carry the laundry back in their arms.  The man continued to hover over Ike.  As quickly as he could, Ike took the laundry out of the dryers and the boys carried it all, in their arms, back to the camper.  Ike explained what happened to Adrian and me, with big tears in his eyes.  Adrian and I walked to the laundry room, where the cowboy hat man was sitting and watching tv.  Adrian asked him if he yelled at our kids.  “No, sir.”  The man denied it and said that he just asked the boys if the laundry was done.  “My sixteen year old doesn’t cry if you just ask him a question!”  I was raising my voice, angry.  “You cornered him in and intimidated him!  That is NOT okay!  He is crying at the camper because you made him feel intimidated and scared.”  The man shook just his head in denial.  “I expect, in the future, if you see my children in the laundry room, that you will NOT come in here!  I expect that, if you see my boys, outside of the laundry room, you apologize for intimidating them!”  He said, “Yes, ma’am.”  (Not so tough with adults??)  Adrian and I took our laundry detergent and dryer sheets, and left the laundry room.  Just outside the door, we saw the manager.  I told him what had happened, and he said he’d take care of it.  He walked into the laundry room as Adrian and I headed back to our camper.  I don’t think the cowboy hat man will be yelling at anybody’s kids ever again.  


When we got back to the camper, Adrian started chuckling to himself.  I asked him what was funny, and he said, “I was just thinking about what that manager might be saying to that cowboy hat guy.  He’s probably saying, ‘I’ve been on the other end of that mom, and you don’t want to be there.'”  HA HA!!  I forgot that I’d yelled at the manager when we first got here because he gave away our reservation.  We’ve been on good terms since then, so I’d forgotten our original meeting.  

Adrian and I talked with Ike and Gabe, and told them that we handled it…that the kids are not to go in the laundry room if the cowboy hat man is in there, and that the cowboy hat man is not to go in there if the kids are in there.  We told them that, if the cowboy hat man goes into the laundry room while the kids are in there, they are to call us from their cell phone or come back to the camper and we will handle it.  

When all was settled down, everyone helped to fold the laundry and get it put away.  (We realized that the boys had left two loads in the washers, so Abbie and I went to the laundry room and put the loads into the dryers.)  We worked together to get the camper cleaned up and get it ready for bedtime.  We tucked the Littles into bed and prayed with them.  Adrian and I watched TV in our bed until he could go to the laundry room to, finally, get our last loads out of the dryers.  When he got back to the camper, he told me that one of the dryers was never started.  He grabbed three quarters and walked back to the laundry room…it was locked.  Ugh.  I guess we’ll be finishing laundry in the morning.


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