Journey to the West – Days 28

After a very long night of helping Ayden while he was sick, Saturday is a blur of looking at trucks, test driving trucks, comparing vehicles online…  Our entire day on Saturday was spent looking at trucks and entertaining Littles.  We took all of the kids to try the Egg Beater – one of the Wonders of Casper.  You are supposed to spin in circles underneath the Wells Fargo tower, then look up.  If done correctly, it’s supposed to look like you’re in an egg beater.  The only kid who said it worked was Gabryel.  He must be the best spinner.  *smile*

Halfway through the day, we left the big Littles at the camper to watch movies and play games, and took the wee Littles out to look at more vehicles.  After a long day of looking, Adrian and I think we found a truck.  It’s a black one ton Ford pick up truck with a diesel engine.  That’ll pull our camper with ease!!  (We have a “second choice vehicle,” too.  A yellow Ford pick up truck.  It’s also a one ton, but it has a gas engine and has a lift kit.  Not quite as hearty…and a little too “cool” for our needs.)  Of course, figuring out the financial stuff is tough.  Moving with two vehicles (when we’d only planned to take one), traveling for Adrian’s training, entertaining the kids, staying in campgrounds…things breaking, and unexpected expenses…it’s been a huge financial burden.  We are praying for a financial miracle…and that God will protect all of our “things.”  

When we finally made it back to the camper, everyone was exhausted.  We watched a family movie, then tucked the Littles into bed.  Adrian and I played cards….until Eliyjah joined us in bed.  He slept a lot in the van while we were looking at vehicles, so he had a hard time settling down.  We snuggled with him and watched ‘Despicable Me’ until we all fell asleep.  


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