Journey to the West – Day 29

Father’s Day!!

Adrian and I decided that, whatever stresses we are dealing with, today would be a fun day!!  The broken bed, broken awning and broken truck would still be broken at the end of the day…so we would just leave them behind and enjoy our day.

After a yummy breakfast of eggs and bacon, Adrian and I left the kids at the camper and went out shopping for some necessities.  Target didn’t have the diapers we needed, so we’ll have to stop there again before we leave Casper, Wyoming.  There isn’t a Target anywhere near us in North Dakota, and other diaper brands give our kids rashes.  We didn’t have any luck at Once Upon a Child, either.  They didn’t have a portacrib for Eliyjah.  (Eliyjah’s portacrib has a fabric mattress, and he’s wet through his diaper a few times.  We need a portacrib with a plastic mattress.  Maggie’s is plastic.)  We stopped at the grocery store and grabbed some yummy picnic food, then went back to the camper.  We loaded the cooler with our picnic food, then loaded everyone into the van.  We drove to the top of Mount Casper for a Father’s Day picnic. 


The mosquitoes found us on top of the mountain.  They weren’t your everyday, ordinary mosquitoes…they had longer legs than any mosquitoes we’ve ever seen!  And they were hungry!!  The kids each took turns watching Maggie, to keep her safe from mosquitoes while we ate.  I didn’t think to grab any bug spray because we haven’t seen any mosquitoes while we’ve been here.  (I think the mosquitoes were worse than the flying ants from our last picnic on the mountain!) 

After our picnic, we made a fire and ate cookies.  The fire kept the mosquitoes away long enough for the kids to play a bit in the dirt.  They were nearly unrecognizable by the time we loaded them back into the van.  Who knew that dirt could be so fun??!


From the mountain top, we drove to the waterfall.  After parking the van (in a compact car parking space because there was nowhere else to park – Adrian assured me that our van is compact if you have a family of 12), we made the small hike up to the waterfall.  The kids just HAD to climb through the rocks to get to the water!  The waterfall is snow-fed, so the water is cold!!  The Littles didn’t seem to mind.  They played in the water for almost an hour, until we made them come out because it was getting dark.  Malakai came out of the water soaking wet, from his head to his toes, because he stood directly under the waterfall. 




As we were walking back to the van, Adrian asked the kids if they drank the water from the waterfall.  They all said they did.  Very seriously, he said, “Oh, no!  You’re going to get Beaver Sickness.”  The Littles all looked at him, horrified, and asked what would happen if they got Beaver Sickness.  He said that they’d get horrible diarrhea.  The kids were beside themselves.  Iszak, catching onto the joke, said that he’d been warned about Beaver Sickness at Boy Scout Camp.  He said that the kids all better stay close to the bathroom because they’d need it.  Just before we got back to our van, I told the kids that we were just teasing…there’s no such thing as Beaver Sickness.  They were all very relieved.  

We drove back to the camper…and stopped to visit with two deer on the side of the road.


At the camper, everyone took showers, then settled into bed.  Adrian and I sat up, talking.  We prayed, again, that God would give us a financial miracle and that He would protect our belongings.  I melted into a pile of tears.  Adrian held me and promised me that everything will be okay.  I know that God has this handled…but I’m human…and I get scared. 


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