Journey to the West – Day 27

The kids woke up with Adrian, again, this morning.  I have got to remember to get some WD40 for the squeaky doors!  We spent the morning listening to the radio, coloring, playing games, and playing with the camper toys.


Eliyjah and Maggie made the camper look like one giant toy box!

Abbie and Phoebie were invited to spend the afternoon at a local swimming pool with one of Adrian’s coworker’s granddaughters.  His granddaughter, 13, is in town, from Oklahoma, and has been wanting to meet girls her age.  The girls were SO excited to go!!  The other kids and I ate lunch, then decided to go do laundry.  The garbage bags of dirty laundry were taking over our camper.  It was SO windy, it made it hard to ride our bikes!  The wind pushed us to the laundry room, but it was a challenge to get back to the camper.  The kids all enjoy doing laundry – even the wee littles can help.  

I heard back from the realtor.  The sellers counter offered…$40,000 over our bottom line.  So, we are going to have to let that one go.  It’s super hard…  I loved that house so much.  God has something even better for us, I am sure.

Before we knew it, Adrian was home from work and the girls were back from the pool.  We worked together to make a taco salad for supper.  After supper, which was served much later than I’d planned, Adrian took all of the kids, except Maggie (who was sleeping) and Abbie (who stayed with me) on a bike ride to the park.  Abbie and I cleaned up dinner and got the camper all set up for sleeping.  When Adrian and the Littles got back from the park, it was a smooth transition to bedtime.  It was so much easier, having the camper ready when the kids got back.  It took all of the stress out of bedtime.  We may have to do it like that more often!  

By 10PM, the Littles were quietly tucked into bed.  Adrian and I looked at houses online for a while, and picked out a few to look at when we get back to North Dakota.  We’ll be in Casper, Wyoming for one more week, though, figuring out what to do about our truck.  (Do we try to make it back with the Excursion?  Do we try to get the Excursion fixed?  Do we buy something different?  Ugh!!)

Just after 2AM, Ayden came into our bedroom and started heaving.  We rushed him to the bathroom, and he threw up in the toilet.  WHEW!  That was close!!  He was up every 15 minutes, throwing up, until around 6AM.  Finally, at 6, he was able to sleep. He slept with a towel over his pillow, an ice cream bucket next to him, snuggled under a warm blanket.  Poor kiddo.  


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