Journey to the West – Day 26

Our day started early…  The kids woke up when Adrian opened the squeaky door to the living room to grab his shoes and keys.  (I have got to remember to put them in our room before bed.)  I stayed in my bed, hoping that the kids just might go back to sleep…but they didn’t.  I drug myself out of bed and lifted the wee littles out of their cribs.  The kids all took showers – quite a process when the hot water tank only holds about 5 cups of hot water.  (Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but…it sure doesn’t hold much.)  After breakfast was eaten, showers were taken, and the camper was cleaned up, we all went to the Wildlife Museum.  It was super kid-friendly.  We had a self-guided tour, with an optional scavenger hunt.  The big kids decided to do the scavenger hunt, the little kids chose some coloring pages.  We looked at all of the animals – that museum spent a whole lot of money at the Taxidermist!! 


The kids LOVED the bears and the birds the most.  


Ike and Gabe spent a lot of time looking at the fish, trying to find the “monster” that got away on their last fishing expedition.


We left the museum and went back to the camper for lunch, then had a quiet time.  Everyone snuggled and watched ‘The Incredibles.’  (It sounds like we snuggle a lot, because we do!  That’s the only way we can all be in the camper together.  HA HA!)  

After the movie, the 8 littler Littles and I drove to Adrian’s office to sign a purchase agreement on a farm house.  (The house that reminded me of Grandpa and Grandma Maday.)  I want that house so bad!!  The price is ridiculously high, so we put in an offer quite a bit below the asking price.  All we can do is pray that God makes a way.  At Adrian’s office, his coworkers met all of the Littles except Ike and Gabe.  The big boys stayed at the camper to watch a movie. 

On our way home from Adrian’s office, the weather started to turn nasty.  A big storm followed us all the way home!  With flashes of lightning and booms of thunder, I rushed home.  When we pulled into the campground, everyone rushed out of the van and into the camper.  The kids quickly picked up the “yard.”  Just as they were putting the last toys in the box, the rain started pouring.  

When the storm passed, I gave the Littles animal crackers.  The kids were outside eating their snack when their bunny friend came to visit.  The kids eagerly shared their animal crackers.


Adrian came home from work while the kids were eating their snack.  We worked together to make sloppy joes for supper.  After supper, we drove to the Ford dealership to pick up the Excursion.  We got there and realized that we brought the wrong keys.  UGH!  We had to drive back to the camper to get the right keys, then go back to the dealership.  We brought the truck home and decided that we’ll try to trade it in at a different dealership.  We need to get back to North Dakota, and we need to make sure that we’ll make it safely.  So… We’ll be spending one more week in Wyoming.  

When we were driving back to the camper, the wee Littles fell asleep in their carseats.  We decided to make it an early bedtime night.  We left the wee Littles in the van while we set up beds.  Apparently, Phoebie and Lollie didn’t understand our plan because, just as we were finished putting the cribs up, they brought the Littles in from the van…and they were wide awake.  Argh!!!  Well, we’d already made up our minds for an early bedtime…the kids WERE going to bed.

While we were putting the kids down, we heard back from our realtor.  The sellers didn’t accept our offer OR even counter offer.  I think we may have offended them with our offer.  Shoot!!  We didn’t want to offend them…we just hope they realize that their price is way too high!  We decided to make another offer, but it couldn’t be presented because the sellers are an elderly couple and they go to bed very early.  So, our offer will be presented tomorrow.  If God wants us to have that farmhouse, He’ll make a way. 

After two hours of up and down, finally the Littles were all sleeping just after 10PM.  (So much for our early bedtime.)  I had wanted to watch a movie with Adrian, but we decided to just turn out our light and go to sleep.  Maybe we can try again another night…



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