Journey to the West – Day 25

The morning started out great!  The kids slept until just after 8AM, then they snuggled in bed and quietly watched a movie.  When we finally motivated, everyone worked together to put away the cribs and beds.  The kids ate cereal for breakfast, then we turned up the radio and had a dance party.  (With 11 or 12 people, you can have dance parties whenever the mood arises!)  After our impromptu dance party, Ike and Gabe went fishing.  The other kids and I hung out in the camper, dancing and coloring.

After lunch, the wee littles took a nap while the big littles watched a movie.  Maggie didn’t want to take a nap…


…but she eventually gave in.

After naps Ike and Gabe hung out at the camper watching a movie while the rest of us took a walk along the trails.  


Ayden found a red ant hill.  He refused to cross the line of ants, going in and out of the hill, until I made it a game: “READY… SET… GO!!”


After our walk, we headed back to the camper to make supper.  Sandwiches and chips.  We were going to make sloppy joes, but Adrian forgot to grab ground beef when he was the grocery store…and neither of us wanted to go back.

After dinner, we cleaned up, then Adrian and I went into our bedroom to talk about what to do with the truck.  We really have three options : 1.) Do nothing and take our chances, hoping we’ll make it back to North Dakota.  2.) Pay $500 to have it diagnosed, to maybe lose the $500 and find out that the truck needs a new motor.  (The value of the truck is not such that we’d stick a new motor in it.)  3.) Try to trade the truck in now and get another full size vehicle that’ll pull the camper.  None of the options are super great.  We didn’t make a decision…just talked about the options.  We’re going to pray about it and talk more tomorrow.  We also talked about the house in Belfield.  We loved the house and the property, but it needs a whole lot of work.  We love the land in Grassy Butte, too, but it might take years to build the house that we want.  So…  We decided to make an offer on the Belfield house.  It is a low offer because of all of the work we will have to do to it.  The house is an estate, so maybe the family is ready for it to sell and will take our offer.  It’s a very fair offer.  We will sign a purchase agreement tomorrow.  If we get the house, we will still pursue the land in Grassy Butte.  We will just sit on the property until we are ready to build.  

As we were snuggling, and our ‘grown up talk’ was finished, I asked Adrian what we could do to make fun memories before sending the kids to bed.  Just as I was asking, the girls came into our room with a great idea!  (Well, they thought it was a great idea.  I am not so sure that Adrian thought it was such a great idea.)  The girls brought some hand lotion into our bedroom, a few paper towels, and masking tape.  They said that their daddy needed his back waxed.  They spent several minutes rubbing lotion on his back (they called it ‘wax’), then patted his back with paper towels (they said it was prepping him for his back wax), then they ripped several strips of masking tape and stuck it to Adrian’s back.  When it was time to pull the strips off, the girls counted down.  When they pulled the strips off, Adrian pretended to be in pain.  He is such a good daddy!!  The girls spent nearly an hour “working” on his back.  Everyone was giggling and having a great time. When the girls left our room, Adrian said, “I think those girls made their own fun memories tonight.”  

After the “back wax” was cleaned up, Adrian surprised the kids with Jello cups.  They happily ate their Jello, then started getting ready for bed.  We got the cribs and beds set up, and tucked the littles in.  Maggie and Eliyjah have developed a nasty habit of fussing at night until we bring them to bed with us.  (If we don’t bring them to bed with us, they’ll keep everyone else awake.)  So, I brought the wee littles into our bed and turned on “Despicable Me.”  Before the movie even began, both of the babies were asleep.  Adrian carried them to their cribs and treated me to a chocolate chip ice cream cookie.  My favorite!  SO yummy!!  We snuggled in bed and talked for, what seemed like, forever…about where we are now, where we want to be in a year…in 5 years…in 10 years.  It’s funny to think that we may be grandparents in 5 years!!  I am certainly not old enough for THAT!!  We talked until sleep took over.  I’m not even sure which one of us fell asleep first.  I hope we fell asleep together, or I was super rude!!  Ha ha!!



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