The Journey West – Day 24

Another day of making calls… Called the insurance company to change our insurance policies to include the van, put Adrian’s car and Ike’s truck on storage insurance (must be nice to have a truck BEFORE he has his license…or it stinks because he can’t drive it. ??), discontinue our homeowners policy, and change the way that our personal items are insured (because everything we own is currently in 2 semi truck trailers in Fargo).  Had to call the accountant to get Adrian’s W2s emailed to me for a new home loan (all of tax papers are in Fargo, as well).  Had to call a bunch of campgrounds in, and around, Watford City, looking for a family campground to stay at when we get back to North Dakota.  Every campground is either full or doesn’t accommodate families.  Abbie and I spent several hours looking online, and in a campground book that we borrowed from the office here…making calls and leaving messages.  I think that we’re going to be heading back to the campground where we stayed when we were in North Dakota last time – a State park that is first come, first served.  We can only stay there for two weeks per month, so it’ll buy us a little time, but it isn’t a permanent fix.  We found another place where we can stay for two weeks, at a recreational park.  The park is very strict about only using their facility for recreational purposes, so they don’t allow workers to stay there.  The owner said that she’d help me out, though, and let us stay there for two weeks (since the kids and I would be recreating – ha ha!).  That gives us a month…  It’ll work out.  God’s got it handled.  

We got some bad news (more bad news??) about our Excursion.  The dealership thinks that it’s the motor…and that we need to replace it.  The value just isn’t there…we’d never make up what we’d have stick into it.  We need to decide what we’re going to do.  We need a vehicle to pull the camper, and the Excursion can pull it.  So… Do we replace the motor?  Or do we trade the truck in for a different vehicle?  Or do we run the Excursion until it just won’t run, then decide what to do?  We NEED to get back to North Dakota, and the mechanic felt confident that we’d make it back.  He said, “You might get 1000 more miles, or you might get 20,000 more miles.”  Hmm…  Decisions, decisions…

When Adrian got back to the camper, after work, we ate nachos for dinner.  We made a super yummy fruit salad for dessert – strawberries, grapes, apples, and oranges covered with honey.  Mmmm!!  While the littles were eating their fruit salad, a rabbit came to investigate.  The kids took turns throwing pieces of fruit to the rabbit, which he promptly ate.  After he had his fill of fruit, the rabbit hopped away.  


After we cleaned up, we went for a family bike ride.  We followed the trails around the campground and found a cottonwood tree.  The wee littles loved the magical feel of playing in cotton.  It was everywhere!!  We rode our bikes along the river, then went to the park.  The big boys played catch while everyone else played on the equipment.  When the kids grew tired of playing on the equipment, we decided to play a family game of hide and go seek.  We were giggling so much, it was hard to stay hidden!  Even Eliyjah was hiding!!  As the sun was setting, we started on our way back to the camper.  Just as we were turning onto the road that leads to the campground, we saw a deer in a field.  Everyone stopped for a moment, making funny noises to try to get her attention.  She just ignored us and wandered around, without a care in the world.  When we got back to the camper, it was time to set up the beds and cribs.  The kids were all tired, so didn’t argue when they were told to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.  After prayers were said, and lights were turned off, the 4 littlest littles started fussing.  They were overly tired and just couldn’t settle in to sleep.  Eliyjah and Maggie joined Adrian and me in our bed, Lollie laid with Benjamyn and Ayden.  Soon, everyone was sleeping.  Adrian brought the babies to their cribs, then we quickly fell asleep, too.


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