The Journey West – Day 23


Monday.  Ugh!  It was definitely a Monday right from the start.  I woke up with a headache.  I had planned to take the Littles to a museum, but we stayed at the campground all day.  I was making business calls and trying to find a campground in North Dakota.  Everywhere is either booked or is a “man camp.”  I am thinking that we’ll have to stay at the State Park, in the ‘first come, first serve’ area.  That’s where we stayed when we were in North Dakota a couple of weeks ago.  I must admit that this whole process is making me that much more anxious to find a house!!  

We had a late breakfast, so called it “brunch.”  We had leftover egg, sausage and cheese biscuits.  We had a snack in the late afternoon.  The kids played with a few kids from the campground.  As I was making calls, I heard a loud crash of thunder.  I sent the big boys out to put up the awning.  The storm passed through, then Adrian came back to the camper and put the awning out again.  We sat under it, alone, for a few minutes.  A little rain storm passed overhead, so it as nice to have the awning to keep us dry.  Adrian and I just chatted about his day, about my day, about the kids…  The little boys started coming outside to dig through the rocks, so our quiet time ended.  I decided to run and do the laundry before dinner.  Abbie came along to help.  We met a super nice couple, Johnny and Audrey, who are bicycling across the United States.  We really enjoyed talking with them.  The big boys came to the laundry room to let us know that dinner was almost done, so we said goodbye to our new friends and went back to help with dinner.  Adrian barbecued hamburgers, hotdogs, and steak.  I made a fruit salad.  So yummy!!  

While Abbie and I were doing laundry, a huge gust of wind came and blew the back of the camper off of the ground and slammed it down.  Everything on our bedroom wall fell off of the wall.  Adrian quickly checked the awning and noticed that it had been torn.  Bummer!

The kids and I worked on laundry after dinner, then we did the dishes and cleaned up the camper.  Adrian, some of the Littles, and I went to go pick up the Excursion from a mechanic and to drop it off at the dealership.  It’s got something very wrong with it, and the dealership can fix it before we need to leave Casper.  On our way to the mechanic, Adrian pulled over so Lollie and I could try one of the “Seven Wonders of Casper.”  We stood under the Wells Fargo tower and spun in circles.  It was supposed to look like we were in a huge egg beater when we stopped and looked up.  We tried twice, and it didn’t work either time.  Stink!  Oh, well… I can now mark that off of my bucket list.   Ha ha!! 

Adrian, the Littles and I got back to the camper and started the nighttime routine…making the table into a bed, the couch into a bed, putting up the cribs…  We had the kids put on jammies, brush their teeth, go potty, and we said our prayers.  When, at last, everyone was snuggled into bed, Eliyjah jumped out of his crib and climbed into our bed.  Maggie saw him and decided that she, too, wanted to be in our bed.  Adrian turned on “Despicable Me” for the kids, and we all snuggled in close.  The wee ones almost made it through the entire movie before drifting off to sleep.  At some point, Adrian carried them to their cribs.  I was sleeping, so was unaware of them moving.  I did notice that I was suddenly much less cramped in…and it wasn’t quite light outside yet.  YAY for that!!


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