Journey to the West – Day 22

We slept in this morning and it felt WONDERFUL!!  Nobody made a noise until after 8:30AM!  We lazily got started with our day – Adrian made yummy egg and sausage biscuits, then we cleaned up and started getting ready for our plans.  Everyone was eagerly anticipating today – a picnic on the mountain with Heather and Josh, and their family.  As I was getting the kids dressed, Heather texted and asked if I’d like to go to the grocery store with her to get the food for the picnic.  I texted her back and said I’d love to go.  She picked me up and we ran to the grocery store, then to Walmart.  We somehow lost all but 2 of Maggie’s bottles, so I needed to buy her some more.  While at Walmart I remembered that the girls needed new flip flops…and the boys needed sunglasses.  From Walmart, Heather dropped me off at my camper.  I quickly made a fruit salad, gathered blankets, and we loaded everyone into the van.  We met Heather and her family at an intersection near the mountain, then followed them to the spot where we’d have our picnic.  The Littles had such fun, playing and exploring the trees and nearby park.  We made sandwiches, and served them with chips, fruit salad, crackers, and cookies.  After the kids ate, they went out exploring again.  They had such fun!  The grown ups made a fire and enjoyed spending time talking and giggling.

Interrupting our fun, several flying ants invaded our picnic.  After shooing them away became a constant job, we decided that it was time to call it a night.  The Littles were exhausted, but were super sad to leave.  The grown ups were sad, too, because we knew it would be our last get together before Adrian, the kids and I have to head back to North Dakota.

Adrian had driven up the mountain… I thought I was scared when he was driving…then I realized that I was much more scared when I was driving down the mountain.  My hands were sweating and my knuckles were white.  The view was AMAZING, but I was too scared to look most of the time.


When we got back to the camper, we all snuggled into the living room (it is very tight snuggling, feet and arms and legs everywhere) and watched “Inspector Gadget 2.”  As the movie was coming to an end, Adrian and I started setting up the beds and cribs.  The Littles all brushed their teeth, went potty, and we said our prayers.  We tucked the kids in and Adrian and I went into our bedroom and watched a movie.  I don’t remember how the movie ended, so I am thinking that I fell asleep before it was over.  Oops!  Either it was a super boring movie OR I was very tired!


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