Journey to the West – Day 21

The girls have been looking forward to this day FOREVER!  (Or for a week.)  I promised them a “Girls Day.”  I woke up early for a hair appointment – not sure when I’ll be near a “real” salon again, so I wanted to take advantage of being here.  Adrian got the kids up and fed them breakfast.  When I got back, the girls, the Littles and I cleaned up the camper while Adrian took the two big boys to a video game store.  The boys picked out some games to save for our new house – Adrian reminded them that it may be a while before we get settled into a new house – and Ike bought them.  (Ike has all the money…and Gabe likes to tell him how to spend it.  Ha ha!)  He also surprised Gabe and bought him a game for his handheld system that he has at the camper.  

When the boys got back to the camper, we ate a quick lunch, then the bigger 3 girls and I left for our “Girls Day.”  I didn’t tell the girls what we are doing.  I drove to a nail salon and we all got pedicures.   It was SO fun!  The girls have never been to a nail salon, so everything was exciting.  They looked through the many colors of nail polish, looking for the perfect colors.  They loved the foot bath and the massaging chairs.  They laughed crazily when their feet were scrubbed with the scrubbies.  They picked out special designs for their nails – Abbie chose a flower, Phoebie chose polka dots, and Lollie chose zebra stripes.  We sat at the nail dryers, talking about girl things.  The smiles on the girls’ faces were enough to light up the whole room.  


From the nail salon, we went to a nearby dollar store.  The girls picked out a present for Adrian for Father’s Day, and a card.  We also picked up some Toy Story figures for Eliyjah.  He LOVES Toy Story, so the girls were very excited to find the figures for their baby brother.  When we left the dollar store, I texted Adrian to ask if he wanted us to go to the grocery store.  (I never go grocery shopping because he always stops on his way home from work.)  Adrian texted back that he was sick of shopping, so we should go ahead and go.  He and the other Littles had ridden their bikes to the park, and they were playing.  The girls and I stopped at Walmart and got the stuff we needed, then headed back to the camper.  We ate a quick dinner, then Adrian brought the four biggest kids and Janessa to a concert at Janessa’s church.  Abbie started feeling sick, so Adrian had to pick her up before the concert was done.  Heather brought the other kids back to the camper after the concert.  They had a GREAT time!!  

After all of the fun, everyone was exhausted.  We set up the beds and cribs, then the kids settled into bed.  Adrian and I had planned to watch a movie, but decided to go to sleep instead.  It was a very LONG, super FUN day.


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