Journey to the West – Day 19

Adrian’s plan to have all of his stuff for work in the bedroom was a fail this morning.  We both forgot.  His work shoes, keys, credit card, AND his breakfast (Pop Tarts – breakfast of champions) were in the living room.  When he tried to walk quietly into the living room, the door squeaked and the the floor creaked.  I heard the kids rolling over, and their blankets being pulled up.  Adrian walked back into the bedroom and left the camper through our door.  As soon as he closed the door, the wee littles started chatting.  I didn’t move…hoping they’d go back to sleep.  Soon the chatting turned to giggling and the giggling turned to full belly laughs.  First, two wee littles were laughing…then two more…then two more.  Soon, all of the littler littles were awake.  I gave in and crawled out of bed.  Maggie was super excited to see me – she flailed her arms and squealed.  I scooped her up out of her crib and snuggled her close.  After changing diapers, and finding clothes for everyone, Eliyjah turned on his favorite Go Fish CD.  We all danced and cleaned together, taking turns dancing with Maggie and Eliyjah.  Before we knew it, everything was cleaned up and put away.  The kids pulled out the cereal and milk and ate some breakfast.  When breakfast was finished, we did dishes and washed tables.  The big kids took the little ones out to play with our new-found box of outside play toys.  The wee ones had fun pushing the cars and trucks through the gravel, digging with shovels, and pretending to be discoverers finding fossils.  They spent two hours outside!  I stayed inside, working on my blog and organizing the camper.  There is stuff everywhere!  I feel like I clean one thing, just to find that something else has been messed up.

The kids and I ate lunch, then I laid Maggie down for a nap.  Eliyjah has been protesting his naps since we left Minnesota, but I give it a try every day.  He refused to take a nap, but did snuggle with me for a little while.  After naps, the 8 younger littles and I loaded into the car and drove to the park – the park that we’d tried to walk to a couple of days ago, but got stopped by pokeys, and the big boys stayed back to play games.  We had so much fun at the park!!  It was a beautiful day to be outside!



While we were at the park, Adrian surprised us and showed up!  The kids were so excited! IMG_0187

After the park, Iszak and I went to the laundry room to wash a few loads of laundry.  While the laundry was in, Ike and I sat across from each other and waited for the washers to get done.  I looked over at him and noticed something…  He was no longer my little boy, he had become a young man.  A handsome young man.  My eyes filled with tears as I thought back…and remembered little Ike, singing the theme song to ‘Blues Clues’ and snuggling with his dad in his car bed watching ‘Teletubbies.’  How has he grown up so much??  

While we were doing laundry, a man came into the laundry room wearing a cowboy hat and dirty clothes.  He sat down at one of the quarter games, turned on the TV, and plugged his cell phone into an outlet.  Ike and I said hello, and he just nodded.  The girls rode their bikes to the laundry room to tell us that dinner was being served.  I told Ike that he could go back and I’d wait for the laundry.  He looked at the man, then back at me, and said, “Mom, I will stay with you.”  When did HE start protecting ME?!  So, we sat…in comfortable silence.  My thoughts were swirling…thinking back on my wee boy, praying that I am doing all that I can to help him become the man that God wants him to be.  Ike was probably thinking about dinner…or girls…or both.  He IS 16, after all.  

When the laundry was, at last, in the dryers, Ike and I rode back to the camper to eat dinner.  Adrian barbecued burgers and brats.  It’s funny…in the summer, we never seem to grow tired of that meal.

When dinner was cleaned up, the girls and I went to the shower house to take showers and Adrian took the boys to the laundry room to finish laundry.  

Back at the camper, after showers and laundry were completed, the little boys played outside in a tub that Adrian had filled with water.  In their minds, I think it was a wonderful pool.  When the water turned black with dirt, it was time to dump the “pool.”  Eliyjah decided to take of his diaper and have a mud bath, in the leftover water.  The campers across the lane looked over and laughed.  I am sure that they keep wondering about us, with our 10 kids.  IMG_0193

After a quick shower for the little boys, we started our bedtime routine.  It was a GRUMPY night — everyone was super slow getting ready for bed, and the wee littles were crying from exhaustion.  I think I may have yelled a bit more than I should have.  My head was pounding and I just wanted everyone to go to bed!  When, at last, everyone was tucked into bed, I quietly apologized for being crabby and told all of the kids how much I love them.  Thankfully, my littles are quick to forgive.  We said our prayers and, soon, everyone was sleeping peacefully.  Well, everyone except Eliyjah.  He was in our bed, needing a few extra snuggles.  After a few minutes he, too, was sleeping.  Adrian carried him out to his crib.

Adrian and I snuggled in bed, watching “2012.”  Even though I was fighting a migraine, it was nice to snuggle.  Adrian rubbed my head as we watched the movie.  I caught myself falling asleep several times during the movie.  When the movie ended, Adrian turned off the TV and continued to rub my head until we fell asleep.  



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