Journey to the West – Day 18

So thankful that we thought to bring Adrian’s work stuff into the bedroom before putting the kids to bed.  They slept in AGAIN…until 8:30!!  It was WONDERFUL!!  Everyone slept in their own beds again, too.  YAY!!

After another lazy morning, slowly eating breakfast and getting the camper cleaned up, the kids and I worked on writing postcards and get well letters for Grandpa Maday.  The man from yesterday, with the flag on his camper, stopped over and talked to the kids as I was getting Maggie dressed.  I opened the door and asked him how he was feeling.  He walked over to me, put his hand in his pocket, and said, “I just have to shake your hand again.  Your children are so wonderful.”  He shook my hand, and placed a $20 bill in my hand.  As he let go of my hand, he said, “I just want to tell you that I think you should buy a big jug of ice cream for these great kids of yours and enjoy it.  They deserve it!”  I was so touched.  With tears in my eyes, I thanked him very much and told him that the kids and I would love to enjoy some ice cream.  

I finished getting Maggie and myself ready, then called the kids all back into the camper for lunch.  Heather and Janessa came by and enjoyed our “left over lunch” with us.  Heather went back to work.  Janessa and the bigger kids played games and watched a movie while I put the wee littles down for a nap.  After an hour of trying, I decided that the littles were not going to sleep, so I got them up.  I had everyone get ready – with one bathroom, it takes a long time to get ready to go anywhere – and we loaded into the van.  I drove to the Tate Geological Museum.  We all walked in and, of course, the first thing the kids noticed was the gift shop.  I told them that we weren’t buying anything.  Walking past the gift shop, we found lots of interesting things – bones, fossils, skulls.  One of the museum workers walked over to us and started telling the kids about some of the things in the museum.  He showed my littler kids a skull that was “several million years old.”  My kids, who have been taught about Biblical history, looked at me and then said, “Not several million years old.”  The man didn’t know what to say, so he continued his explanation.  “There was a flood,” one of the littles explained.  The man just continued talking.  I whispered to the kids that the man must not know Biblical truth, and to just be polite.  When the man finished his explanation, he noticed another family in the museum and quickly left us to talk to them.  The kids and I explored the rest of the museum alone.  We talked about the dating on their exhibits and, again, talked about how Noah’s flood would explain why things appeared more dated than they were.  I was thankful that we’d visited the Biblical Dinosaur Museum in Montana, so we could remember what we’d learned there.  

There was a super fun area for the wee littles called “The Dino Den.”  The children at the museum can dig through pellets and find dinosaur bones, they can color fossil prints onto paper, they can dress up, they can play with dinosaurs, and they can find fossils in an old trunk.  We spent much of our time there.  







When the littles grew tired of the museum, I surprised them and bought them a few sets of teeny dinosaurs to play with at the camper, and a few postcards to send to our friends back home.  After paying for our purchases, we left the museum and drove downtown to look for a post office.  I ran in and bought some postcard stamps, and mailed out the postcards we’d written earlier.

We drove back to the campground, thirsty and tired.  We watched “Tarzan 2” – thanks to my friend, Heather, for loaning us some movies for times like this!  

Adrian came back to the camper, after work, and started the grill.  Heather came to pick up Janessa.  The kids hug her every time she comes!  They love, so much, knowing someone from back home.  It’s a huge blessing to have Heather so nearby.  Adrian grilled some chicken breasts for chicken salad, and I prepared the salad.  After making the plates, I realized that we didn’t have any salad dressing.  Oops!  Quick thinking, I put some crushed tortilla chips on the salads, and covered them with salsa.  Wallah!  Mexican chicken salad.  The kids were happy with their supper!  

After supper, we took a small bike ride – Adrian put a new, comfy seat on my bike and wanted me to try.  After our bike ride, Adrian and I took the littler littles and we drove the Excursion to the shop.  It’s been having some issues for a while now, and we’d like to have it fixed before we pull the camper back to North Dakota.  When we got back to the camper, Adrian finished hooking up the DVD player in our bedroom while the kids watched “Ice Age – Continental Drift.”  After the movie, we set up cribs and turned the living area into a “bedroom.”  We tucked everyone into bed and said our prayers, then Adrian and I went into our room to watch a movie.    Eliyjah was crying, so we brought him into our bedroom.  I watched an e-book with him on my iPad, then he snuggled in with us to go to sleep.  Adrian chose a “guy flick” to watch, so I read my book while he watched his movie.  I fell asleep reading.  Adrian brought Eliyjah out to his crib after his movie was finished, then snuggled in to sleep.  It gets so cold here at night!!  We are very thankful for our space heaters!


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  1. I miss you like crazy!! Today I was on the phone with a friend and said their family could pop in for a visit any evening this weekend and Andrew got so excited because he thought I was talking about the Eblings! Sigh! We pray daily for your family and future. We love you all so much! Please snuggle each little for me. I’m sure Ike and Gabe wouldn’t mind a snuggle too!!

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