Journey to the West – Day 17


We got smart!  I got the kids’ clothes out of the truck last night and we got all of Adrian’s stuff out of the living room (his shoes, keys, credit card, and cash), where the kids sleep, so he wouldn’t wake them up in the morning.  Adrian was able to get ready for work, and sneak out of our bedroom door, without disturbing anyone.  The kids slept in until 8:15!  It was wonderful!!  

We had a lazy morning…snuggling and watching “Wreck it Ralph,” eating brunch, and cleaning up slowly… After we finished our morning jobs, the kids and I left for a walk.  As we were heading down the lane in back of our camper, a maintenance man walked over to us and started chatting.  He told us that he really enjoyed having us at the campground.  He told us a bit of his story – he is a full-timer here at this campground, he used to work in the office, and now he does maintenance.  He told me that he was thinking, “Oh, great!” when we pulled in with 10 kids…then he saw how polite and well behaved the kids were, and was happy that we came.  He complimented me on my kids and said that, “even your dog waits to be invited before going outside.”  HA HA!!  (Bailey?!!  I guess she hasn’t barked at him yet.  She barks at everyone else.)  He showed me his camper – it’s one that I’ve admired since we got here.  He has a tattered American flag on top of his rig, with the mountains as a backdrop.  It’s beautiful!  I told him how much I loved his flag.  He said that he’s been criticized for the flag’s condition.  I said that I think it’s beautiful.  He said that he put it up last August and the wind in Arizona and here, in Wyoming, has been very hard on it.  He will be replacing it on Flag Day, out of respect for the day.  We finished talking with the man and went on our way.  We played at the little park for a while, then went back to the camper for lunch.  My friend, Heather, and her daughter, Janessa, came by for lunch, then Heather went back to work and Janessa stayed with us.  Janessa, Ike, Kai, and Lollie played Monopoly while the other kids and I went for a walk on the trails at the campground.  We’re having such fun, discovering the world around us!  After their game, Ike took Kai and Lollie for a walk while Janessa stayed and visited with me.  It’s been so nice, getting caught up with Heather and Janessa.  I miss Heather’s other daughters.  They are in Minnesota.  (Such a sad coincidence, the girls being in Minnesota and us being here.)

Heather stopped by after work to pick up Janessa.  We visited some.  Adrian and I are looking forward to a double date with Heather and her boyfriend, Josh, on Friday.  Janessa and the big Littles will baby-sit.  All of the Littles are looking forward to Friday, too!!  (I think they’re on Mom and Dad overload.) 

Adrian came home a bit earlier from work.  I made spaghetti and corn with garlic bread.  SO yummy, having “real” food!!  After dinner, we took the kids on a bike ride to the laundry room.  Adrian and I took turns doing laundry.  The kids blew bubbles for a while, then watched “Cars 2”.  I got everyone ready for bed while Adrian picked up our clean laundry from the laundry room, and folded it. (I think I had the easier job.  Ha ha!)  

Before 10PM, everyone was snuggled into bed.  All of the littles stayed in their own beds!  It was wonderful!!  When Adrian got back with the clean laundry, we laid in bed – me reading my book, him watching TV.  Sleep came quickly.  


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