Journey to the West – Day 15

Another early morning for the Littles.  I think the sun comes up in Wyoming earlier than it does in Minnesota.  I just cannot get these kids to sleep in…even if I keep them up all night!  

Adrian made a super yummy breakfast this morning – sausage egg McMuffins, without the Mc.  After cleaning things up, the kids watched a movie in the “living room” while Adrian and I talked in the “bedroom” about our future.  Oh, how I wish we knew what to do…  Do we buy an existing home and make it “ours” OR do we buy land and build??  We found a house we know we could love, and we found some land that we could love, too.  We talk and we talk, but we’re just not sure which to do

Before we knew it, it was after noon.  We had plans with our friends, Heather and Josh, for a barbecue, and planned to be there by 2PM.  We still had to run to the store to get dessert.  Having 10 kids, you never know if it’ll take 5 minutes or 5 hours to get out the door…so we started to have the kids get ready to go.  At 1:30, everyone was sitting in the van and we were on our way.  The excitement was building.  We left most of our friends in Minnesota, so we were all thrilled with the idea of spending the afternoon with dear friends!  

I ran into Walmart to get a dessert, and couldn’t stop myself from visiting the jewelry counter.  I bought new earrings for Maggie and Lollie.  (Maggie lost one of her earrings, then one of Lollie’s, and we didn’t have any extra earrings packed in the camper.)  I picked out some cupcakes with sprinkles, then found the check out line.  (It took everything I had not to look at all of the other fun things… Oh, how I miss shopping!)  Adrian was driving around the parking lot, so it took him a few minutes to see me.  While I waited, I overheard a man talking to a police officer.  The police officer was tell the man that, ‘even if the girl said it was okay for him to date her, it wasn’t okay.’  The man, who looked older than me, was protesting that the girl was sixteen and he thought it was fine.  Again, the police officer explained that the girl wasn’t old enough to make her own decisions and that her parents didn’t want him to go near their daughter.  He handed the man a ticket and the man walked away, yelling, “I don’t want no trouble, Man!”  At last, Adrian saw me and picked me up.  

It was only a 10 minute drive to Josh and Heather’s.  Heather’s daughter, Janessa, entertained the littles…they went to the park, watched movies, colored, listened to music…while the adults visited.  We ate a yummy dinner and continued visiting until bedtime.  When the littles started whining, we decided it was time to call it a night.  (When the whining begins, things can go downhill very quickly!)  We packed up our stuff, said our good-byes, and loaded everyone into the van.

When we got back to the camper, the kids found another burst of energy.  My energy was depleted.  Heather had kindly loaned us several kids’ movies, so we turned on a movie in the “livingroom” for the kids.  Adrian and I snuggled into our bed.  Adrian fell asleep almost before his head hit the pillow, and I read my book.  Just before midnight, with most of the kids sleeping (I am sure that they were uncomfortable, stacked on top of each other), I turned off the movie and sent everyone to their “real” beds.  Though I really wanted to keep reading my book, I knew I better go to sleep.  Morning comes so early, living in the camper.



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3 responses to “Journey to the West – Day 15

  1. Cindy Vavra

    Oh Beckie, you are such a wonderful person! God is with you all the way…..and he’s smiling!

  2. Uncle george

    I really enjoy your reading about your journey. Thanks for shearing.

  3. Both MN and WY are in the middle of the time zones…so it’s not likely that the sun rises earlier….but it is flatter, and I’m convinced our skies are brighter in the west. 🙂

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