Journey to the West – Day 14

YAY for Saturday!  I thought everyone would sleep in…but I was mistaken.  The sun was up early, so were the littles.  Ike and Gabe were up before 6, ready to go fishing, and the wee littles were up soon after, ready to watch a movie.  The big boys left for their fishing expedition, Adrian went to his new boss’s house to work on our Excursion, and the rest of us watched “Cars 2.”  I woke up with a migraine, but there was no time for feeling sorry for myself.  After the movie, the kids and I ate breakfast, then cleaned up the camper.  (Cleaning the camper happens several times per day.  With 12 people living in a “home” that is 524 square feet, things get messy really fast!  Especially at nighttime, with cribs and sleeping stuffies.)  

When the camper was cleaned up, the kids and I left to explore the campground again.  We walked to a little park, which consisted of two teeter totters and one spinny thing.  After a few minutes, the kids grew bored and wanted to explore some more.  We walked to a big, open field of grass and the kids took off running.  It’s been a while since they’ve been in grass – everything here is rocks or sand – so they were so excited to feel the softness of the ground under their feet.  As quickly as they started running, they all stopped short and screamed…turned around, and ran back to me.  “FIRE ANTS!!”  Everyone in the campground heard their screams, I am sure.  Laughing, I assured them that there was nothing to be afraid of.  I walked them back to where they’d run and, just as quickly as they had, I turned around and ran as fast as I could go, holding a baby and pushing a stroller.  There was the biggest fire ant hill I have ever seen, right in the middle of the field, with thousands of fire ants coming and going from the hole in their hill.  (Okay, so maybe there was something to be afraid of.)  As we started walking back to the camper, I noticed some older men looking our direction.  I smiled and mumbled, “Ummm… Fire ants…”  They just laughed and continued their card game.  

When we got back to the camper, Adrian was there.  We talked for a bit while the kids rode their bikes up and down the lane.  Adrian barbecued cheeseburgers and brats for lunch.  After lunch, Maggie and I took a nap.  I’d hoped that a nap would help with my migraine.  After resting for two hours, however, my head was still pounding. 

The two big boys came home from their fishing trip with 8 fish to clean.  The littles all swarmed them, watching them clean and fillet their fish.  (Yuck!)  Adrian, Abbie and I worked together to make tacos for supper.

The older 3 girls and I rode our bikes to the laundry room to wash our ever-growing bags of dirty clothes, while Adrian and the other kids cleaned up dinner.  We started the wash around 8PM.  The sign in the laundry room said that it closed at 10PM with NO exception.  Counting the bags of dirty laundry, and the number of washers and dryers, I HOPED we could get them all done before 10.  Luckily for me, the man who’d given away our spot was on duty.  He said that he’d stay open for me, if I needed him to.  He cheerfully allowed the girls to look around the gift shop, too, and even told them interesting facts about the things that they sold.  The girls found a Yahtzee game and asked if we could play.  We opened the game and we were happy to find that it contained everything that we needed to play, except a pen.  Lollie walked into the shop and sweetly asked the man if we could borrow a pen.  She came back into the laundry room with a pen.  We played one game, and Lollie whooped us all.  Just before 10PM, with laundry still going, the man closed up the shop and said he’d be back to close the laundry room around 10:30. Phoebie had to go potty, so she asked the girls to go with her.  (The laundry room is attached to the bathrooms, but you have to go outside to get there.)  Lollie looked at me, very seriously, and said, “I’m not going!  A kidnapper will want me, not them.”  I asked her why.  She explained, “Because they want cute little kids…and I’m a cute little kid!  They’re bigger!”  HA HA!  Well, who could argue with that?!  Abbie and Phoebie went to the bathroom while Lollie stayed with me and we folded laundry.  I piled several loads into my bike trailer and quickly realized that there was no way I would fit it all in.  The girls and I rode our bikes back to the camper and sent Adrian back to get the rest of the laundry out of the dryers.  I got the cribs set up and helped everyone to get settled into bed for the night.  Finally, around 11:30, Adrian came back with the rest of the laundry.  The dryers hadn’t completely dried our clothes when he got to the laundry room, so he had to wait for them.  He said that the man from the office was a little grumpy, but was willing to let him finish before closing up.  (I think I’ll start my laundry earlier from now on.)

Finally, just after midnight, with my head still aching, Adrian and I were able to go to sleep.



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