Journey to the West – Day 13

I cannot even begin to share how cold it was here today, in Casper, Wyoming.  

Adrian went to work at 8AM this morning.  When the kids woke up at 8:30, I realized that I forgot to get their clean clothes out of the truck…and Adrian took it to work!  Oh, man!!  There were a few things here, but no complete outfits for anyone.  Everyone wore something dirty with something clean.  

It was SO cold today – the windchill was 41 degrees, at its highest!!  I didn’t pack any winter clothes for us, assuming that it would be warm, so the littles and I stayed in the camper watching movies and playing games.  

When Adrian got back to the camper, after work, we ate dinner and then turned up the radio and had a “dancing party.”  Everyone was dancing, except Ike and Gabe, who played Monopoly and pretended that they weren’t related to us.  HA HA!!  

We cleaned up the camper, and Adrian went shopping.  He needed truck parts to fix my truck in the morning – his new boss offered to help him fix the knocking under the hood… and to buy groceries – it’s hard to stock up for a family of 12 in a camper, so we’ll be grocery shopping frequently.

When the camper was cleaned up, the kids lazily got ready for bed.  We talked and giggled as we made up the cribs and turned the table into a bed.  Finally, just after 10PM, the littles were all tucked in.  Eliyjah was feeling sad, so he snuggled in bed with me and watched a “read along story” with me on my iPad.  Soon, he was sleeping.  I read my book until Adrian got back with the groceries just before midnight.  I helped him put the cold stuff away, and we decided to let the other groceries wait til morning.  We put Eliyjah into his crib, and snuggled into bed.  It was SO cold!  Adrian watched TV, and I read my book, until we fell asleep.  At some point during the night, Adrian turned off TV and put away my iPad.

I sure hope that the weekend weather is warmer…and a little sun would be nice, too!


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