Journey to the West – Day 12

Adrian was up most of the night, trying to keep the camper warm.  He started the truck occasionally, letting the battery charge enough to run the heater for a few minutes.  Just before 7AM Adrian and I got the camper ready to move to the spot, that the man in the office had told him about, with electricity and water.  The kids slept through the slide-outs coming in, getting the camper hooked up to the truck, and pulling away from our horrible spot.  Phoebie woke up just as we were driving down the short road to our new, temporary spot, and slammed open the door.  She said that, at first, she was afraid that we’d decided to leave the campground and had forgotten her in the camper, then she noticed her brothers and sisters still sleeping in the bunkhouse.  When she saw them, she thought we’d been hijacked.  Poor girl!!  When Adrian got the camper parked in our new spot, the kids continued sleeping for another hour. 

It was Adrian’s first day at his new job.  After two weeks of having him with us, it was sad to kiss him good-bye.  The kids and I spent much of our morning outside, discovering the campground.  There are two fishing ponds, a small park, a river, and lots & lots of rocks.  Our dear friend, Heather, and her daughter, Janessa, stopped by the camper for lunch.  It was wonderful to see them after 5 years.  (They live here in Casper, Wyoming.  It was Heather’s boyfriend who got Adrian his new job.  He gave his boss Adrian’s resume, and the rest is history…or, rather, the rest is our future.)  After lunch, the wee littles napped while the bigger littles watched a movie.  After naps, we spent the rest of our afternoon outside.

Adrian came back to the camper just after 5PM.  He had a great first day!  There is just something about electricity that he loves.  After hearing about his day, we ate a meatless (I forgot to pack ground beef in the freezer) spaghetti dinner.  While the kids cleaned up after dinner, Adrian and I went to the office to pay for our stay and to find out where our permanent spot (for two weeks) would be.  When we got to the office, it was already locked up for the evening.  We pushed the “after hours doorbell” and waited for the attendant to meet us.  A nice woman came to the door and let us in the office.  She pulled our card and found a note, telling her to call the man from the evening before when we checked in.   I was glad because I still had a few words for him.  After a few minutes, he walked into the office.  Before he had a chance to tell us what we owed, I asked him why he hadn’t given us the spot with electricity and water the night before, when he’d given away OUR reservation.  He explained that it was actually two small sites, across from each other, that had been open the evening before and he hadn’t even thought to put us there until we were settled into our spot.  (He was lucky! HA HA!!)  He was extra nice and complimented me on how well behaved and polite my kids were.  He told us all of the great spots to visit in the area, gave us multiple brochures and a couple of city maps.  He gave us a discount on our site and free cable. (Okay, so maybe he isn’t ALL bad.  Anyone who likes my kids is a friend of mine.  Hee hee!!)

We got back to the camper and everyone worked together to get the camper ready to be moved again.  We found our new spot, moved the camper, and got settled in.  The kids worked outside with Adrian, hooking everything up and connecting the cable, then went for a bike ride.   

After the bike ride, the kids were ready for bed.  They settled in, while Adrian and I snuggled in bed and watched the news.  The forecast for tomorrow: FREEZING cold and rainy.  


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