Journey to the West – Day 10


We woke up and wished our sweet Lollie a Happy 7th Birthday!  Lots of excitement in the camper…  We LOVE birthdays!!  After a lazy breakfast, we drove to a local Dinosaur Museum.  It was a Biblically based museum, which was GREAT!  We learned so much!  The Bible says that Noah took two of every animal into the ark, which means he surely did take two of every dinosaur.  He took baby animals, which were much more docile than adults.  (And God was with him on the ark, protecting Noah and his family…and protecting the animals.)  I had never given much thought to what happened after the flood, to the pre-flood plants and trees…the original, perfect creation that God made.  I learned that it was buried under the ocean.  The new plants and trees that came up, post-flood, were not nearly as perfect.  Before the flood, people lived to be nearly a thousand years old…slowly, after the flood, people began living shorter and shorter life spans.  The human life span hit an all time low, then bumped up a bit with modern medicine.  Sadly, because of man’s sin, and the punishment that they received, the perfect Earth is now buried beneath the sea.  Where do creatures live the longest?  In the sea.  Where do creatures grow the largest?  In the sea.  Oh, there is so much more that I learned… If you are ever going through Montana, I would suggest going to the Glendive Dinosaur Museum.  It is fantastic!!


After the museum, we went out searching for a store to buy a gift for our birthday girl.  We hadn’t seen a “regular” store in days!!  I went into the local drug store, hoping to find something special there, but had no luck.  I asked the cashier if she knew where I could buy a doll for my daughter, she told me that there was a K-Mart in town!  YAY!  I hate K-Mart, really, but was SO excited to go to a “real” store!!!  I drove to K-Mart and found a Dream Light and a Littlest Pet Shop friend.  I checked out, then we drove to the grocery store and let Lollie pick out her cake.  She chose one with big red roses.  We went back to the camper and had a mini birthday party.  Each of the kids gave Lollie a gift – some homemade cards, two packs of Littlest Pet Shop cards,  a Squinky…  She opened her cards from family & friends and her gifts from Adrian and me.  After cake, Adrian took the kids to the local pawn shop.  Ike and Gabe are very intrigued by pawn shops – they love looking at other peoples junk.  When they got back to the camper, we decided to go outside for a bit.  The campground was surrounded by tons of mud puddles.  The wee littles decided to start splashing in the mud puddles.  Soon, the splashing turned to “swimming.”  We dug out the swimming suits and they played in the mud puddle for a couple of hours!  Even the little ones in the camper next door joined in on the fun, the little neighbor girl borrowing a swimming suit so she wouldn’t get her Hello Kitty shirt muddy.  When the littles were tired of “swimming,” Adrian and I took the kids to the showers.  

After a long day, the littles were ready for bed after a quick snack.  In only a few short minutes after putting them to bed, the littles were quietly sleeping.   Adrian took the muddy clothes to the laundry room and washed them, I stayed back with the sleeping wee ones and read a book.  When he got back to the camper, we talked a bit, then drifted off to sleep.  I can’t even remember falling asleep… I sure hope Adrian wasn’t talking to me when I did!


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