Journey to the West – Day 9


We woke up at 3:30AM to the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance.  (Maggie had already woken us up an hour earlier, so I wasn’t really sleeping.)  I suddenly remembered our lawn chairs outside and thought that we better bring them in before the rain came.  I woke up Adrian and we quietly snuck outside to take care of the chairs. 

We climbed back into bed, careful not to disturb Maggie, who was sleeping in our bed, and listened as the storm got closer and was soon right on top of us.  The lightning flashed brightly, followed by loud claps of thunder, and the rain poured down.  Finally, sleep took over.  Just before 9AM, we were up again.  Check out time, for the campground, was 11AM.  We had to hurry!! 

Rush, as we may, we didn’t get out on time.  There was a beautiful Memorial Day service in the street, right near our camper.  The kids and I watched and listened, as they played President Roosevelt’s speech and prayer.  They played taps and there was a small brigade of police cars that drove down the street.  I’m thankful that we were able to see it. 

Adrian got in line to dump our camper tanks (eww!) and I took the kids to the park.  It took nearly two hours for Adrian to get through the line.  Finally, just after 2PM, we were on the road.  Looking at the GPS we knew there was no way we’d make it to Casper, Wyoming before the end of the day.  We just headed that way, and figured we would find a campground when we were ready to stop driving.

Driving was awful!  The rain came down so hard!!  The highway was like a pond.  I had to run into Watford City to go to the Post Office to get our mail, and Adrian didn’t want to take the camper that deep into town.  He continued on the highway, and I went into town.  When I was finished at the Post Office – after discovering that we had no mail – I called Adrian to see where he was.  He told me where to meet him, so I got back on the highway and headed to where he was.  The highway was even worse!  The van kept hydroplaning.  To my right were deep cliffs, to my left was oncoming traffic.  I must admit, I was scared!  When, at last, I got to Adrian, I pulled up behind him and told him that I didn’t think I could drive any further.  I started crying and told him that I was so scared of the two lane highway with the deep rain.  I didn’t want to go off the road with all of our children in the van!  We held hands and prayed.  With no other options, we got back on the highway.  Within a few miles, the rain had let up and we were driving on nice roads again.  We drove into Montana, and kept on until we were just too tired to keep driving.  We found a little campground near a dinosaur museum and a pioneer museum.  The kids are ALL super anxious to get up in the morning and visit the museums. 

Adrian and the girls took our dirty laundry to the campground Laundromat.  I stayed back at the camper and put the wee boys to bed.  Now I’m sitting on my bed, watching Maggie play with my iPhone and hoping that she’ll soon fall asleep.  Adrian and the girls should be back with our laundry soon, and I am ready for bed!


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