Journey to the West – Day 8

Woke up to a beautiful day in Epping, North Dakota.  Ate a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast, then went outside to enjoy the weather.  We took a family bike ride around the campground.  So many fun things to explore!  When we were all too tired to go any further, we rode back to the camper.  We plopped down in lawn chairs and  enjoyed a quick snack and some water.

The kids spent much of the afternoon at the park,  making friends.  Adrian and I spent our time sitting in the sun, talking about all of the many decisions we have to make…  It is all consuming – do we build or do we buy an existing home?  Either decision comes with sacrifice and a bit of “unknown.”

Just before dinner, Phoebie brought a little friend to the camper to introduce her to us.  While talking with her, I found out that she, too, is homeschooled and she has five sisters.   Their family lives outside of Williston, so not too far from wherever we’ll end up  She also told us that her daddy was there with them alone because their mommy had to go to plan a funeral for the little girl’s aunt.  The story was very sad…  Her mom’s sister was struggling with her health a bit, and was asthmatic.  She was having trouble breathing, and her daughter was taking her to the hospital, and she died on the way.  The woman’s son is graduating this year.  So they will have to plan a funeral and a graduation party.  So sad.  We invited her daddy and all of the girls over for s’mores after dinner.  The little girl went back to her camper and excitedly came back and told us that they could come.  I must admit that I was pretty excited, too!  Not knowing anyone in North Dakota has been a little daunting, and this was an opportunity for me to meet a homeschooling family.  I was sad that the mom wouldn’t be there, but felt more sad for her.

After we ate dinner (barbecued chicken and the fixings), the family came for s’mores.  Tony, the dad, seemed like a good guy.  He and Adrian chatted comfortably.  His daughters were all very well behaved and super outgoing.  All of the kids played very well together.  I learned quite a bit about his wife, and look forward to meeting her in the future.  It’ll be great to have a homeschooling connection in North Dakota!  I am excited for the next opportunity to get together with their family.

Tony, Adrian and I talked until dark…then the Littles started getting naughty,  They were so tired!  We said goodnight to Tony and the girls, then quickly got the Littles settled into bed.

I was up most of the night, just thinking about all of the changes we’ve been making…  I am both nervous and excited about what the future holds.  If I’m going to be honest, I am a little homesick.  I miss my family and my dear friends.  Even if I didn’t see them often, I knew that I “could” see them.  Now we have to plan a trip to get together…and, at this point, I don’t have a home to invite them to.  I know that God has a great plan for my family, and I am trying to cling to that.  I know that He wants only good for us, and I am so eager to see what He has planned!


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