Journey to the West – Day 11


This morning we woke up and knew that it was going to be an “on the road” day.  We had 7 hours left to drive, in “regular” time…pulling the camper, we figured it would be more like 14 hours!  We quickly ate breakfast and cleaned up the camper, loaded snacks and water bottles into the van, and headed out.  After several hours of driving, we stopped in a little town at a Chinese buffet.  The ladies in the restaurant were so excited to see so many kids!!  The stayed close to our table, telling us how “nice,” “beautiful,” “so good,” and “wonderful” our children were.  I could’ve stayed there ALL day, hearing them tell me how great my littles were!  Even after Benjamyn accidentally dumped a large vase of water, the ladies were telling me how “special” my family was.  With full bellies, we headed back out on the road.  The wind had picked up, and the trailer was pulling Adrian all over the highway.

After driving for another hour, and seeing a funnel cloud, we pulled off to get gas.  The kids were super excited – the gas station had postcards and souvenirs.  After going potty, they were all looking at the various displays.  Benjamyn must’ve said something silly, and Ayden began chasing him.  I started to tell them to stop running when the cashier hollered, angrily, at them.  I glared at her, and continued to look at the postcards with my kids.  The cashier watched my littles with a look of disgust.  Suddenly, she noticed that two of the littles didn’t have shoes on.  (We’d been traveling forever, and their shoes were in the camper…not convenient at all to get!)  “Those kids don’t have shoes on.  They are supposed to have shoes on!”  She was so crabby!!  I told the kids to take their postcards to the cashier, then shooed them out to the van.  I looked at her and quietly said, “My children have been in the van for hours, and have been very well behaved.  I was telling them to stop running just as you yelled at them.  I am quite capable of parenting them.  You should not be so mean to someone else’s children!”  (Actually, I wanted to punch her…with her nasty looks and crabby voice.  I am guessing that she doesn’t have any children.)  I paid for our postcards and we were, again, on the road.  

From the van, I called the campground where we were supposed to stay, to confirm our reservations and to let them know that we’d be checking in late.  I spoke with a really sweet girl, and she actually had a different date for our arrival.  When I’d initially planned our trip out west, I thought Adrian would be starting work on June 3rd.  Apparently, I forgot to change our campground reservations when I found out he’d be starting on June 30th.  Oops!  The nice girl got everything changed and said, “See you tonight.  Drive carefully.”  …and we drove…and drove….

Just after 9:30PM we finally pulled into the campground.  I walked to the office door, just as a gentleman was walking out.  He looked at me and said, “Ooo… I hope I didn’t just steal your reservation.”  (What??)  I walked into the office and told the man behind the counter what the gentleman had just said, and he said that he HAD given my reservation to that gentleman.  I was so shocked!!  WHAT??  I had just called a few hours before, and everything was set.  I, angrily, said, “I had reservations, and called to confirm those reservations this evening.  I told the girl that we’d be late.  I have ten children in the van who are expecting to go to sleep here!”  He said that, after 9PM, reservations aren’t held anymore.  Again, I explained that I had talked to a girl and she had told me to that our reservation was set and to drive carefully.  She never said to rush to get there by 9PM!  He just looked at me with a smug look.  I stormed out of the office and told Adrian what the man had said.  We both walked back into the office and Adrian asked if there were ANY spots.  The man said that there was one “dry” spot with no hook ups.  I said, “NO WAY! I am not giving you one red cent!” and stormed out of the office.  I called a few other local campgrounds and had no luck.  Adrian came out to my van and, in a sweet voice, said that we were out of options.  I told him that I would only stay if he didn’t charge us for the night, or I’d leave and stay in a parking lot.  I was SO mad!!  Adrian walked back into the office and told the man what I said.  He let us stay in the “dry” spot for free.  After getting us all situated, Adrian was outside trying to rig up some kind of electricity.  The man from the office walked up to Adrian and said, “There was a cancellation and you can move to a site with hook ups.”  WHAT?!!  He gave away our reservation and didn’t let us go in someone else’s reservation who was LATER than us?!!  Adrian told him that the littles were already in bed, and that it would be a nightmare to try to move the camper again.  He said we’d just move it in the morning.  (I will be having a word, or two, with that man….giving away OUR reservation and not giving us the other reservation.)

Adrian couldn’t get the electric to work, so we all just snuggled in close.  I played a few kids’ stories on my iPad for the wee littles, and we were soon all sleeping.  It had been a long day, and we were all exhausted.


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