Journey to the West – Day 7


We woke up with only one thing on our minds – laundry.  Everyone needed a shower and we were out of towels.  We ate a quick breakfast, then Adrian took five kids to the laundromat and I kept five kids at the camper to clean.  (I was more than happy to stay back and clean – the van was overflowing with dirty laundry.)   I sent Adrian with a grocery list, too, as the camper cupboards were getting sparse.  

When the camper was, at last, cleaned, the kids and I watched a movie and waited for Adrian and the other kids to come home with clean laundry and groceries.  It was storming outside – lots of rain, thunder and wind.  Laundry and shopping turned out to be an all day affair.  Just before dinner, they finally came back.  I put away all of the laundry – I have a great system, with totes in the back of the Excursion set up like a closet, two kids per tote – and we all worked together to put away the groceries.   

When everything was put away, Adrian and the wee boys barbecued burgers, brats and steaks for supper.  Yum!!  We haven’t barbecued since we left Minnesota. Before dinner, Phoebie and Lollie had gone for a walk around the playground with their friends, and were nowhere to be found when dinner was done.  Adrian, Ike and Gabe went out looking for them.  They found them down on the sand.  The girls and their friends had gone to build sandcastles, when some bigger boys showed up on the beach followed by a some littler boys.  They started teasing the girls.  One of the bigger boys called the girls “pinatas” and told one of the littler boys to “break  open the pinata.”    The littler boy hit Phoebie with a stick, just as Adrian and the boys got to the beach.  Adrian sent the girls back to the camper, then talked to the boy’s grandpa.  I comforted Phoebie and Lollie, and told them that they can’t walk so far, ever again, without a parent with them.  (They had asked their friends’ parents if they could walk down to the beach, so they weren’t being sneaky… I just reminded them that they always have to check with Adrian and me before they go anywhere.)

After supper, the girls and I went to the shower house and took showers.  WOW!  We could’ve stayed in there all day!  (Quick promotional sentence: The showers at Lewis and Clark campground, in Epping, North Dakota, are second to none!)  We walked back to the camper, squeaky clean, then the boys went to the shower house to take their showers.  It was wonderful, sending clean Little Eblings to bed.  There is something to be said about clean towels and clean Littles! 🙂

When the kids were settled into bed, Adrian and I spent some time talking about the properties we’d looked at the day before.  We have a huge decision to make…would it be better to buy an existing house and remodel OR buy land and build new?  Decisions, decisions…  If we’re going to build, we don’t have much time.  The snow will be flying before we know it!


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