Journey to the West – Day 5

I woke up this morning, opened the fridge to make a bottle, and discovered that a Coke had exploded inside of the fridge.  Oh, yeah!  We forgot…stuff on the top shelf of the fridge freezes.  We’ll remember that from now on!  

After cleaning up the Coke mess…and putting away two cribs and tons of blankets & sheets…and changing the table from a bed back into a table…and changing diapers and getting the kids dressed…we fed the kids a healthy breakfast of donuts and bananas, then sent them outside to play while we cleaned up a bit.  The kids were anxious to start exploring again, so Adrian took them on a bike ride while Maggie and I stayed in the camper to clean up.  I was very thankful for the Internet (even if it is painfully slow) and Spotify, as I was able to listen to some great praise music while I cleaned.  When the cleaning was finished, I put Maggie in her wrap and she and I took our dog, Bailey, for a little walk.  It was a beautiful day, with puffy clouds in the sky.  

The kids and Adrian came home, tired and hungry from their excursion.  I made a quick and easy lunch of turkey and cheese sandwiches with chips.  After lunch, the kids played at the park while I looked at some properties online and contacted a few realtors.  We have an appointment to look at a house tomorrow, and a few more houses on Saturday.  

We had a pretty lazy day today.  We should’ve gone to the laundromat, but the prospect of driving 45 minutes ONE WAY to do laundry for a few hours just didn’t ever sound like fun.  I’m regretting that decision now, as we all need showers and only have 4 clean towels.  Oops!! 

Chloie, Phoebie and Abbie helped the campground gardener plant some flowers.  They really enjoyed that!  Phoebie came home with a tick in her hair.  Oh, how I hate those things!!  Adrian took care of it for me.  (What will I do when he goes back to work and I have to deal with the ticks??  Oh, my!)

For supper, I made egg sandwiches.  I forgot to take anything out of the freezer, so our options were very limited.  I gave the kids the choice of grilled cheese sandwiches or egg sandwiches.  Everyone wanted egg sandwiches.  THAT was easy!  After supper, I washed dishes while the kids and Adrian started watching a family movie, “Meet Dave.”  As I let the water drain, the shower started to gurgle…then it started to fill up with water!  Adrian grabbed the garbage can and ran outside, the big boys following quickly behind him.  They had to drain the grey water tank (our “fresh water” from the sinks and shower) into the garbage can and take the water-filled can to the dump site, about two city blocks away.  Adrian found an empty clothing tote (I guess it wasn’t ALL bad that we didn’t do laundry today) and used that for water, too.  After several trips with the water-filled garbage can and water-filled tote, Adrian and the boys came in.  Apparently, on one of their trips back to the camper, they ran into the park ranger who said, “I’ve seen a lot of things, but THAT takes the cake!”  I sure wish I could hear the story as he tells it to his wife tonight!  

Everyone is settled in now, watching our family movie.  With all of the yawning and tired eyes, I am hoping that the littles will finish the movie and crawl right into bed and fall asleep.  Last night, there was giggling until well after midnight.  I think Adrian and I may have fallen asleep before the giggling stopped!


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