The Journey to the West – Day 3

After a short night of fitful sleep, we got back into our vehicles, cranked up the heat, and headed on our way.  The kids shivered in their seats for miles.  Another long day of rain and wind, and watching Adrian’s truck, with the camper, being pushed from side to side.  Each time his truck would cross the yellow or white line, I would say a prayer for his safety.  After several hours of driving we were excited to see the sign for “Lewis and Clark State Park.”  Only 20 miles!!!  (Going 30 miles per hour, we’d be there in a short 40 minutes.)  Maggie was out of bottles, and was protesting loudly when offered sippy cups and toys; Eliyjah was trying to say something, but I could not understand his words, and he was getting very frustrated; the other kids were all getting anxious and talking about everything they’d do “when we get there.”  Exhausted, I squelched their excitement by reminding them, “There will be a whole lot of cleaning and unloading to do before you do anything!”  (Yay, Mom!!  Just call me The Fun Police.)

As we entered the park, we self-registered, and found a spot…next to the elderly couple who, apparently, don’t enjoy children.  The lady of the camper (ha ha!) quickly told my kids that she spent three hours getting her satellite just right, and they better stay away from it.  My kids just nodded and quickly finished their busy work so they could get on with all that they had planned – swimming and fishing, swinging and sliding, bike riding and exploring!  I didn’t want to break their little hearts by reminding them that the temperature was only 46 degrees, so they would certainly not be swimming…and that the fishing poles were all tangled together in the bottom of the storage…and the bike tires all needed air… No, I would just let them get their chores done and figure it out for themselves.

I don’t think that the kids have ever finished their chores more quickly!  When the kids ran off to explore the area, they found the showers…which reminded me that we ALL could use a good shower.  The girls and I took the first showers, then the boys and Adrian took theirs.  It felt wonderful!! After spending the night in a parking lot, I felt like a new woman after that shower.  While the girls were showering, the boys were trying to surprise us and got the bikes all ready for a family bike ride.  After a quick dinner of macaroni and cheese with hotdogs, and corn, we went on a bike ride to explore our new “home.”  We rode to the edge of the beach and the kids quickly ran through the sand and found all sorts of treasures.  With pockets full, we returned to our camper, and settled in for the night.  The kids drifted off to sleep quickly, with smiles on their faces.

I guess Benjamyn was right – it WAS the best day ever!!


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