The Journey to the West – Day 4

Getting out of bed was nearly impossible.  With heat in the camper, and cozy blankets surrounding me, I wanted to stay in bed all day.  Just after the sun rose, however, the littles were anxious to get up and start their day.  Today was “Look at Houses Day” and everyone was excited.  We quickly ate our breakfast and did our morning chores, then loaded into the van for the hour and half drive to look at two houses.  The first house was a little ranch right off of the highway.  The littles were in their happy place, running around and exploring the acreage.  There was a lot to explore – a car that had been shot up (the kids were pretty sure it was a gang related incident, I think it was probably just bored ranchers), two broken down lawnmowers, lots of hay bales, several outbuildings, and many piles of rocks.  Iszak was most excited about a basketball hoop between the garage and house, Gabryel loved the outbuildings, and the girls were drawn to the hay bales.  The wee boys wanted to check out the pile of rocks, and were thrilled that they could climb to the top.  When the owner of the ranch arrived, he showed us the land and explained its history.

 We looked at the house, which wasn’t terrible, but was in need of some major TLC.  Everywhere we looked, we saw work that would need to be done.  With the asking price of the house, though, we couldn’t do the work that we’d want to do to make the house “our home.”  Sadly, we shook hands with the owner and went on our way.  I must admit that my heart is a bit broken, as I’d really hoped that the little ranch would be “it.”  

After piling everyone into the van, again, we drove to the next city and ate lunch at a little diner. So many kind people complimented us on our children.  Nobody acted shocked that we had so many kids, they just smiled and said how beautiful our family was.  That was a wonderful change from our usual looks of disgust and unending questions of “are you done yet?” or “don’t you know how that happens?”  We ate our lunch, then drove over to the next house we were scheduled to see.  Adrian had visited the house once before, when he was having an interview with his new company, and wanted me to see it.  When we pulled up to the house, the kids were thrilled because it looked so big.  The house sat at the edge of town and had about 4 acres for the kids to check out.  

This house was much more “move-in ready.”  It had a lovely kitchen and eight bedrooms!!  Perfect for a family with ten kids!!  The yard was pretty and had a lot of potential.  The house is currently rented, and under contract until the end of the year.  We can’t wait that long to move into a house.  We need to be out of the camper before the snow flies.  Sadly, with all of the potential that the house had, it probably isn’t “our house.”  We thanked the realtor for meeting us at the house and said we’d call her soon, but that we can’t wait until the end of the year to move into a house.  The kids all piled back into the van and we were back on the road.  Everyone had an opinion.  Each of the littles was sold on one house or the other.  Adrian and I, however, think that there is a better house for us somewhere.  God has the perfect house, and we know that He will reveal it to us.  We just need to stay patient, and have faith.

We had loaded the van with our dirty laundry before we left – six garbage bags, to be exact – so we found a laundromat and pulled into the parking lot.  There wasn’t even a place to park.  I ran inside and looked around.  Nearly every machine was full.  The cost to run the washer?  $6.50!!!

 After discussing it with Adrian, we decided that laundry would wait until tomorrow.  Perhaps we can find a better deal in another nearby town.  We drove to the nearest grocery store and bought some of our necessities – 10 bags worth – and then headed back to the campground.  The kids were itching to get to the playground to meet some of the new kids to the campground.  After unloading the van, all of the littles ran to the playground.  Only a few short minutes after the kids had left the camper, Abbie and Eliyjah were back.  Eliyjah had a tick on the back of his ear.  OH MY GOODNESS!!  I CAN’T HANDLE TICKS!!  Thankfully, Adrian was here and he was able to get it off of Eliyjah without trouble.  The kids came home for a quick dinner of chips and salsa, then it was time for a “tick check” and bed.  


The kids are now tucked safely in their beds, except Eliyjah and Magdalynn, who decided to snuggle with Adrian and me for a bit.  Maggie is trying to help me type this right now.  Her chubby little fingers are making it tough to type.  

Tomorrow holds more adventures, I am sure…and I will be calling a local realtor to try to look at a couple of ranches we found online.  We’ll also be taking our laundry to the laundromat.  It’s amazing how quickly it multiplies!  I think we have another 2 bags to add to our collection.  If we pay $6.50 per load to wash, we’ll pay a small fortune just to dress our kids in clean clothes.  Maybe we ought to let them wear their clothes a few times.  I am sure that nobody will notice the mustard stains or the toothpaste dribble.  


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